Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 8 Update

Hello everyone. I know that Monday is my usual day for posting my weekly Nutrisystem update, but there are several reasons that is it delayed this week.

We spent this past holiday weekend away. We went to a reunion for my husband's family. This is the first time I ever met any of them, and he has not seen any of them for at least 12 years(many much longer).

And while I did not fall of the wagon or anything, I was away from my Nutrisystem meals, and had to eat other healthy choices on my own. Abstaining from the "bad" foods was not even that hard, but trying to figure out what to eat was pretty difficult.

In fact, I ate much less than normal, and seem to have regained a pound or so instead of losing. The reason I assume is that my body felt like it was starving and decided to store fat instead of burning it. What a problem to have, needing to eat more.

So yesterday I got back to my Nutrisystem plan, and I was so happy. I will go over my menu for yesterday as soon as I mention the other reason this post was delayed.

I also waited to post the update because I knew that I had part of my 3rd Nutrisystem Shipment arriving today(and the frozen portion arriving tomorrow).

All this is just the shelf stable portions for 4 weeks(so 18 days since 10 days are frozen). That is a ton of food, right?

And as awesome as that is, that is not the main reason I wanted to wait. There was one extra special thing in this shipment that I wanted to share...MY FIRST NUTRIBEAR!!!

While this might not seem like much to some people, I am incredibly proud of this. I earned this bear by loosing(over) 1o pounds on Nutrisystem. I will earn a new bear for every 10lbs I lose.

It is a Badge of honor that I can proudly display in my home. I have never stuck to a diet long enough to lose 10lbs, so this is also a testament to how easy and effective Nutrisystem is.

I love that Nutrisystem offers these bears. It might be a small gesture, but to me it is huge. It is like a pat on the back, and I love that they care so much to send such a wonderful congratulations.

The way they help you lose wight on their program is really enough, but this is just that extra something that really outs it over the top. I have never heard f another plan doing anything like this.

Ok, now back to the menu. Yesterday I ate like a queen yet again.

Breakfast - Chocolate Chip Scone: 

This was so delicious. I heated it up for like 10 seconds to make it warm and soft. It was devine. It tasted like a dessert. It was nice and filling too, especially since I also get a Powerfuel with breakfast(which I usually choose a Protein shake).

I chose a Refreshing Coffee Protein Drink This time.
The Refreshing Coffee is my favorite since I used to drink sweet iced coffee every morning. Mine was full of fat and calories, but this is so good it really makes me not even miss the other stuff.

Morning Snack: 2 Cuties(Mandarin Oranges)

Lunch - Chicken Tacos:

These are really good. I love Mexican style food. These are wonderful for being frozen. I really love that they don't get all hard. Most frozen tortilla foods do.

I ate a big bell pepper and some corn with this too. Very filling.

Afternoon Snack: Reduced Fat Cheese Stick.

Dinner - Mushroom Risotto:

I have not had Risotto but maybe once, and never a mushroom one. This was really good though. It is very filling, more so than I expected it to be.

It is creamy and very deep in flavor. Very hearty tasting, especially for being meat free.

I had some green beans with this, and added a tiny bit of bacon to them as my PowerFuel.

Dessert - Chocolatey Pretzel Bar:

This is very tasty. It is pretzel and chocolate and caramel and nougat and crisps. Very unique and so full of flavors and textures.

Sinfully good. Anyone who loves salty/sweet will love this.

All that food, and I get to eat like this every day and still lose weight. What more could a girl(or guy) want?

This week, even with my trip, I ended up loosing...drumroll please...

1.4 pounds and 3/4 inch since last week.

I know it would have been more if not for the 2 days of fat storing caused by starvation and deprivation, but I am still super happy.

And now my 8 week total is...

                         21.2 POUNDS & 9 1/2 INCHES!!

That means that I earned another Nutribear. I cannot wait until I place my next month's order so I can get it. And hopefully by then I will be getting my 30lb bear too.

I am so in love with this program. I never thought that losing weight would be this easy. If you want to change your life, I urge you to give Nutrisystem a try. It will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog

*Although I am receiving Nutrisystem at no cost to facilitate honest reviews, all opinions and results are entirely my own*

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  1. The food looks so delicious and filling. Congrats on losing so much weight. Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed reading about your diet and how successful you are with Nutrisystem!