Friday, July 12, 2013

Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

There are many wonderful aspects of being a product reviewer. I love sharing my opinions with companies and with all of you, and I love getting to try out some really incredible products.

I receive a great deal of packages. Not only are companies always sending me amazing stuff, but I shop online a lot, so things arrive at my house all the time(almost every day usually). I LOVE getting boxes, it is like Christmas every time.

Sometimes, though getting so many deliveries can be a not so good thing. When you are expecting a bunch of stuff but don't have tracking on all of it, you have to do a good job keeping track, to be sure nothing came up missing.

I am a stay at home mom, so I am usually home during the day, but with multiple carriers making deliveries all at varied times on any given day, it can be a bit hard to be home(or available) every time one comes. Also, often times, carriers just leave the boxes and go without even attempting to knock or ring the bell.

I totally understand that the drivers are super busy, and I don't expect them to wait for me to open the door all the time, but a quick press of the doorbell before leaving would be a nice gesture. It is bad enough if I am not home and my boxes sit outside, but if I am right inside and just unaware of their arrival, it is irritating.

I live in a decent neighborhood, and thankfully I have never had a problem with things getting stolen(yet), but we are in a corner house, which is right on a pretty busy road(leading to a main highway), so tons of cars pass by all day long, and who knows who they are or what they might do.

People have packages stolen all the time, and I don't ever want to have to deal with that, or worry that it has happened when a delivery is a day or two late.

With the holidays not too far off(as long as it may seem, they will be here before you know it), I would hate for a scrooge to wreck our Christmas (or mess up a potential review) trying to get gifts. It happens way too often.

I had a problem like that at a previous address, and it caused me to require a signature for every delivery which was really a hassle since during the holidays, they come later in the evening when I was usually out, and they would need to be reattempted, sometimes more than once. Not only is that a hassle for me, it is extra work for the carriers, which I really hated to cause them.

There should be a better way to make sure your packages can be left safely. I even contemplated a Doggy Door, but having a little girl(who would try to go through it), decided against it.

Then I discovered something incredible, a product that is unlike anything I have ever heard of. My wish is fulfilled all thanks to the Elephantrunk Parcel Drop from Architectural Mailboxes.
The Elephantrunk is a Parcel Drop, which means the carriers put your boxes in the slot and the rotating drum rolls them inside into the locked bottom compartment so you can retrieve them whenever you want.

No matter how long you are gone, your packages will be safe and sound, out of sight and under lock and key(literally).
When you are ready to collect your packages, just unlock the door and presto, your boxes will be safe and dry.
It has tons of space, and holds a good amount of fairly large boxes. 

What I really love about this is that even though the drop is not very far, this has foam padding lining he bottom to give your boxes a gentle landing.
I would not have even thought of such a thing, and if it was not included, I still would have been happy. Little details are what really make products stand out, and the Elephantrunk has so many fabulous "little" details.

It has a plastic insert that can be inserted to prevent outgoing packages to be rolled into the bottom. So now you can schedule pickups when you won't be home without fear of theft as well.
That picture also shows the "Insert item past line" sticker. That is great so the carrier does not try to put something too large in the box and have it get stuck. That is something I would do, try to cram something in. So glad to have that very small but very important feature.

What if you want to suspend deliveries? No problem, just slide down the "No Deliveries" indicator which goes right down over the door so you can't even open it(unless you pull hard and break it or something).
It even comes with a fabulous little placard that you can post to alert carrier that you have an Elephantrunk and give it's location(and even the screws to hang it).
The Elephantrunk is heavy duty and durable. It is constructed of Cast Aluminum and coated in Heavy Gauge Steel Powder. It has a 3-point, Pry Resistant, locking system Think of it as a package safe, nothing is getting inside unless it has the key.

And if any "crafty" thieves think they will be slick and take the entire box, they have another thing coming. Elephantrunk can be bolted to the ground. It comes with everything you need to bolt to either cement or wood(aside from the drill, wrench, etc). 

Not only is that awesome for thwarting robbery attempts, but it is a great safety asset. Now you never have to worry in the case of hurricanes(which we get a lot of in Florida) or that kids may climb on it and it may tip. Kids could fall, so that is still not something they should do, but at least it will not tip over on anyone.

And in addition to being super durable, and practical with all the amazing "little" details, it also looks fabulous! Something this strong, I would expect it to look like a big heavy piece of junk, but I love how sleek and stylish this is. They even come in 4 fabulous colors(Black, White, Red and Oil Rubbed Bronze). I went with the black to match my home(which is gray with black trim) and it looks stunning(at least I think so).
And the style does not end there. I adore the bright blue on the inside drum(as above photos show), there is the most awesome raised elephant design on the  inside of the door. It's not important at all, and does nothing but look cool, but it's just another "above and beyond" quality, and I love it.
Absolutely everything about the Elephantrunk Parcel Drop is perfect. I just love it, one of my favorite things I own. I am actually really considering buying another one to store other stuff in. My daughter always plays in the laundry baskets, always. I want one for my dirty clothes. One for each family member would be so cool and keep my laundry room organized and looking fabulous.

Or how perfect would this be for hiding presents? Snooping kids? Well they may know where the presents are, but they will not be able to find out what they are, no matter how hard they try. No more finding hiding spots all over the house and risking the kids finding them, or even worse, you forgetting where they are.

How about putting a little bin/box inside and using it for toys? Is the "No playing until your homework is done" falling on deaf ears? Well if the toys are in here, they know they can't get them until you unlock it. Plus the cool rolling drum will make cleaning up more fun for kids, so they may actually want to do it.

There are just so many uses for this, so even if you don't need it for deliveries, I bet there would still be a at least one need it would fill for you. The only issue will be deciding which one of many things you want to use it for. Not such a bad problem.

One of you very lucky readers will face that exact dilemma since Architectural Mailboxes is giving all of you a chance to win an Elephantrunk Parcel Drop of your very own. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*
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  1. I like that it can hold multiple parcels.

  2. I like that I dont have to have someone bring in my parcels when I go on vacation.

  3. I love that it keeps packages out of the weather!

  4. I love that it keeps all my packages safe and that it would make it easier for deliveries!

  5. I like that it holds so many packages

  6. It keeps my packages from being taken off my porch

  7. i like that u dont have to wait in for ur parcels

  8. I would love that I dont have to leave my packages outside!

  9. I like most that the "ElephantTrunk" Parcel Drop can be bolted securely to the ground. I would hate to come home after being gone on vacation or just out for a few hours one afternoon and have someone steal the "ElephantTrunk" Parcel Drop right off my front porch with several important packages still inside.

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