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Do you have(or know) a creative child? If there is a child in your life that loves to imagine, invent, create and play hands-on, that is a wonderful thing. In the age of technology, fewer and fewer children actually just play like kids were meant to.

Toys that encourage children to design their own fun are so great. Not only do they get children away from the TV, Computer, Cell phone, etc, but they also help to build imagination, creativity and confidence. Making something you thought of yourself, makes you feel really good.

Toys like that have been around forever, blocks, clay, etc. You can never go wrong with a toy that can be made into anything, but most every kid has used the aforementioned toys. As much as they are beloved, sometimes kids want to try something new and different.

Thankfully, there is a brand new toy that is up on the times yet has the same creativity inspiring capability to become whatever a child dreams up. BENDASTIX are so much fun.
I am sure your first question is, "What is a BENDASTIX?" That is a great question. It is very unique and difficult to explain. Basically, it is a soft construction toy.

BENDASTIX can be made into anything simply by bending and twisting them to your desired shape. They can be shaped alone, or connected to each other(as many as you want). They can be used with or without the foam shapes and stickers also included in the kit.

The sky is the limit with BENDASTIX. What is really great is that BENDASTIX are fun for boys and girls. There are even different kits(coming soon) that are more tailored for each gender. The one I got though, is The Big Box. It is perfect for Boys and girls.

The Big Box is packed with awesome stuff:

8 Round Connectors
35 Benda Stickerz
6 Special Feature BENDASTIX
BENDASTIX Connectors
10 Foam Thingamajigz
8 Large
BENDASTIX (6mm x 305mm)
5 Medium
BENDASTIX (6mm x 205mm)
6 Wide
BENDASTIX (12mm x 205mm)
10 Tiny
BENDASTIX (6mm x 64mm)
1 Display Stage

1 Instruction Booklet

The handle is even a real BENDASTIX, that is so cool.
I got this for my son. He likes to make things but with his autism, he usually tends to copy and repeat. Since this is so new and something completely different, he had no reference to copy from, meaning he had to come up with his own ideas.

I love that it helped to get his originality to come out a bit, and of course I love that he had a blast.
He and I had some quality time "building" and playing with some fabulous new creations. It was awesome.
As you can see, you can make glasses, bracelets, snakes, and so so much more. The robots are really cool. As much as he loved everything in the kit, his favorite part had to be the Benda Stickerz. He put them on everything. They were really awesome, so I totally see where he is coming from.

The best thing about BENDASTIX is that even though they are soft and bendable they will hold their shape and keep your creation perfect for as long as you like. And they easily come apart so they are totally reusable. Most flexible "building" materials either harden(so they are not reusable) or are too soft meaning that you cannot really handle your invention without ruining it. 

BENDASTIX can be enjoyed over and over again as many times as you want, and you can keep adding more to make a huge collection.With all the fun designs it would also be cool to trade them with friends, or use them(mostly girls) as special friendship bracelets. 

BENDASTIX are a safe, affordable, unique and fun way for children(and adults) to embrace their originality and bring it to life in endless ways.

BENDASTIX would make a great gift for any occasion. In fact, I had intended this set as a gift for my son's 6th birthday, but he saw them, and he would not stop talking about them. So I gave them to him, not to get him to stop asking, but because I could see how much he wanted them, and I wanted him to be happy, I can always get more presents.

BENDASTIX is brand new, so currently The Big Box is the only set available. The rest will be released in September. Be sure you get your hands on some as soon as you can. Stock up for the holidays. If you have ever tried to get your hands on the hot toy at holiday time, you know what is likely to happen. Mass sellouts. Don't miss out. These are way too much fun to be without.

*Although I received this at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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