Friday, May 10, 2013

Mirenesse Blogiversary GIVEAWAY -12 WINNERS!!

A couple months ago, I did a review of Mirenesse Inside Out 24/7 Eye Kohl. They are AMAZING! All of Mirenesse's cosmetics look so incredible. I have been dying to try more ever since.

So when I saw that my friend Alison at The Rosy Snail did an amazing review PLUS is giving away TWELVE gorgeous Lip Bombs, I almost fainted.

This is a must enter. The odds are great and you will instantly fall in love with Mireneese.
Read the review(check out those colors!) and enter below for your chance to be on of 12 lucky winners. Good luck.


I’ve been mildly obsessed with Mirenesse for the last several months and the product that got me addicted was their Lip Bombs. Not only is it a cute play on words, but it’s also a seriously BOMB product. These lippies are all in one in the best way possible. They’re super pigmented, high shine (for hours!), non-drying and stay in place. I’m about to use Mirenesse Lip bomb and skip a lot of steps. I don’t need lip liner, these colors do NOT bleed. I don’t need a gloss, these are shiny and stay that way for about 6 hours! They leave just enough stain to leave your lips flushed with color, even after your Lip Bomb has worn off. And these are packed with color like my lipsticks should be! It’s like getting 4 products in one amazing tube!
Mirenesse recently released 15 new shades, doubling their collection to 30 unique shades of Lip Bomb. I had the honor of trying several of them and I have to say, it just keeps getting better!
These new shades added more variety to the collection available but didn’t stray one bit from the amazing formula that first had me smitten with the brand. They’ve added some nudes, pastels and even some bold gothic colors. While my favorite colors are cremes, some of the new colors have a stunning gold shimmer to them. This shimmer catches the light and makes you lips look full and healthy! I think I’m a new fan of shimmer in my lippies!
The variety is vast and I’ve yet to find a color that I didn’t love! I posted this picture on Instagram a few weeks ago. Be sure and follow TheRosySnail and Mirenesse on Instagram so you can keep up with the latest on these amazing products!
Which of these swatches is your favorite?
Mirenesse was generous enough to send me some of these Lip Bombs to try out, but after talking to them, they’re also sending some for several lucky readers! Enter below to be one of the TWELVE winners who will receive a Mirenesse Lip Bomb! Prepare to be addicted ladies, it doesn’t get any better than these!!
(*Because Mirenesse is based in Australia, we’ve decided will ship out to ALL winners.)
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  1. i wish my current lipcolor lasted longer

  2. flavor! I honestly love a lipstick that has added flavor.

  3. My lip color is lacking SPF protection.

  4. It lacks a true color when applied.

  5. Mine lacks longevity in its moisture consistency

  6. I can either get long lasting or moisturizing - seldom both

  7. Well i only have one lip stick and 2 lip glosses and they don't stay on to long and they are not to bright