Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Layla Softouch Effect Nail Polish Review

I have been obsessed with beauty items for as long as I can remember. Of course as a kid, I always wanted to wear makeup and always thought it looked good even when I looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

One thing that I was always especially poor at was painting my nails. Even today, it is my weakest area. I am not good at it whatsoever, and just refraining from painting my whole finger takes a lot of time and luck for me.

I did realize part of my problem though. It turns out that using the right polish is crucial. I guess since I have never been good at it, it was never something I was passionate about. Therefore, I never realized how distinct the quality difference really are between brands.

I always only chose by color or effect, and could care less about brand. I wish I would have smartened up sooner. It took trying a new brand, and falling totally, head over heels in love for me to realize what I'd been missing.

Layla Cosmetics makes INCREDIBLE Nial Polish. I recently had the pleasure of trying 2 gorgeous shades of the Softouch Effect Polish, and it is wonderful.

The colors are so smokin' hot for summer. So much bolder than I usually go. I love that they are so bright and fun. They really add some POP to my look.

These don't actually have color names which is kind of different to me, but as fabulous as these colors are, they don't even need names.

The lovely Hot Pink color is Number 4.

I love this color. It is so girly, but not childish. It is bright and bold without being neon. It is just perfectly pink. I love the shimmer, shimmer is always something I look for in polish.

I love how you can make it lighter and more sheer with only one co
at, or use too for a more opaque, darker pink. Either way it looks fantastic.

The fierce Lime Green Shimmer is Number 6.

This is the Gold Standard in Green. It has a goldish look when applied in only one coat, and that is awesome. I really love that this is not too loud or crazy. I love the uniqueness and the energy this has, but I don't need my nails to me screaming for attention.

It is so fun and sunny, perfect for the summer. I love it.

What I really love about both of these colors is the product quality. They are both unbelievable. They go on so easy. It is smooth and applied evenly. The consistency is perfect. It is not too runny so it makes a mes or is hard to make stick, but it is not too thick either.

Thick polish is so gross and very hard to apply. This will not get all lumpy. It will not be hard to dry or peel of easy, and it is so easy to build up more than one coat.

It dries fast and is hard and smooth with no streaks or globs. The brush provides amazing control, making it very hard to go outside the nail(not that I didn't rise to the challenge).

If you know what you are doing, I know you can get flawless nails from these amazing polishes. And even if you are a complete disaster at polishing your nails, there is no way they could look any worse than mine.

If not for this fabulous Layla Softouch Nail Polish, my nails would  look like a train wreck. Believe my, I am actually much worse at nails than even these pictures show. If I can use these, anyone can.

The color is so durable too. It lasted for days and days without chipping or peeling, even with no base coat or top coat. In fact, I did nothing to prep my nails at all, and I still got the results show above. I am super happy with that.

So I just want to stress to you again the importance of high quality products, especially when it comes to nail polish. All products are NOT created equal. If you want the very best, start with Layla, I know you will not be disappointed, no matter if you are a nail novice or a professional.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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