Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 13 Update

Sorry I am a day late to post this. I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats to see my results this week. And they are certainly worth the wait(to me at least).

Life has been very crazy, but one thing that makes it less stressful for me is Nutrisystem. Of course, losing weight makes me feel better about myself, and even physically makes my body feel healthier, but it is also a routine, now, that saves me so much time.

The Nutrisystem Success program takes all of the thinking out of dieting. Not even dieting, just eating. I never have to worry about what time I should eat or how much or do I have something I want. I always have delicious, nutritious, portion controlled meals on hand.

I never have to really cook anything for myself. The most it is is microwaving or toasting. Some items are even ready as is.

All the food is shipped right to my door each month, so I don't even have to shop for it(only a few fresh add ins).

28 each of Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Desserts, including shelf stable and frozen options. On the Select Plan, I even get to CHOOSE my meals. I can pick any items I want in any quantities. I always pick way more of my favorites; Like Refreshing Coffee Protein Drinks,  Blueberry Muffins, Spicy Kung Pao Noodles, Flame Broiled Beef Patty and White Chocolate Macadamia cookies to name a few.

For me, the frozen entrees are a surprise, and this time I got a few brand new dishes. They are amazing.

Chef's Table Cavatelli with Broccoli Pesto:
It comes in a super cool steam bag. I love it. It is so easy, just pop it in the microwave. 

It's amazing. The sauce is delicious and the texture of the pasta is perfect.

Chef's Table Ginger Cashew Chicken:

I am not a big fan of Ginger, but I love chicken, rice and cashews, so I gave this a try, and it was very good. The freshness and texture was incredible.

Roasted Turkey Medallions:

I actually did not try this one yet since I just got my monthly shipment a few days ago, but it looks amazing.
Of course, Nutrisystem is not just about the dinners. There are also the amazing Breakfasts like the 
Apple Strudel Scone,

Lunches like the Red Beans and Rice

 and Desserts like the Golden Pound cake.

All the food taste unbelievably good, and the portions are actually fairly generous, especially considering you get to add Power Fuels, Smart Carbs and Unlimited Veggies.

This is by far the easiest, most convenient plan I have ever tried, and it is probably one of the most affordable too. An amazing value for everything you get.

You even get adorable NutriBears to reward you for and commemorate your weight loss. They are ordered along with your monthly food orders, so even though I reached the 20 pounds lost milestone a few weeks ago, I just got my 20lb bear.

I was almost more excited by that than all the weight I lost. They are such a great motivator. And so adorable.

I love both of my Nutribears dearly, and I am chasing my 3rd(30lb) and beyond.

My husband has been throwing me major compliments(which I love). He said he didn't think I would actually do it(not that he ever spoke negatively to me), because it has always been too hard for me in the past. I would try and not lose, get discouraged and give up.

He really wants to start Nutrisystem now because he is inspired and motivated by my success, and I have many other people tell me the same thing.

And speaking of success, this week I am down another whopping... 

2.6 pounds & 3/4 inch!

That brings my 13 week total to...

29.8 Pounds and 14 Inches!!

My 30lb bear is so close I can taste it.I am just so happy I made this decision. Who knew changing your life could be so easy? I should have started a long time ago.

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog 

*Although I am receiving the Nutrisystem program at no cost in return for my honest reviews, all opinions and results are 100% my own*


  1. My sister in law did this and she made her goal in no time! Good luck with yours

    Kelli Avery

  2. I am so happy for you that this diet is working and you actually enjoy the food choices!! You are doing marvelously well--you will get your 3rd cite bear in no time!!

  3. You are doing fantastic, I love the way everything is delivered to you, its make it so much easier and what an incentive the bear is gorgeous. Keep it up !!

  4. Amazing! I know you have been doing this a while. APPLAUSE!!

  5. Oh wow! Receiving that in the mail must be so exciting! I wanna try that Cavatelli Broccoli Pesto, yummy!!

  6. That is awesome! I look forward to hearing about your continued success!

  7. That is awesome, you are doing such a great job. Though the food looks amazing so hopefully that helps you stay on track!

  8. congratulations! those dishes actually looks good!

  9. The rice with veggies looks delish!

  10. WTG!!! Those dishes look good to, the ones you mention sound delish.

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  12. Wonderful. That is a big weight lose, I might going to do that once I am done with babies...Congratulations.

  13. Congratulations! I'm glad that it is working so well for you. Less than a pound left!!

  14. that's tough! good job on sticking with it! :)