Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cosmetique Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

The Rosy Snail is at is again. This Blogiversary Event is super hot. I am so loving all the giveaways.

Having a chance to win all the awesome prizes is so great, but I really love being introduced to new products that I might not have found otherwise.

She always finds the best kept beauty secrets, and I certainly need a lot of help in that department.

Check out Alison's awesome review of Cosmetique below and enter to win this fabulous prize. Good luck.


Cosmetique is one of the fabulous brands I would have never known about had I not become and blogger and most of the time, when I tell people where I got something from Cosmetique, they’ve never heard of it! Because Cosmetique makes so many other brands of cosmetics, it’s a bit hard to keep up with, but I’ve come to find that they are all quality products at affordable prices!
Recently, I had the honor of trying the line called Jean Michelle. According to the Cosmetique website, this specific line is “Fine art, classical music, precious jewels, and fine 24K gold … standards of quality, excellence and beauty accepted by the world over. The meticulously formulated cosmetics of Jean-Michelle Switzerland have also become standards of elegance … sensitive to the needs of beautiful women everywhere. Honest and sensible skin care is fundamental to the Jean-Michelle philosophy. Coordinated lipstick and nail colors are key to achieving a look of good taste and elegance. Indulge yourself with the classic colors of Jean-Michelle Switzerland”
I found all the products in the Jean-Michelle line to be beautiful, neutral colors great for women of all ages. They have a wide range of products from eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks to blush and nail polish. I was really excited to try this line so I tore into the box! Notice the products still wrapped in pink? Those are for our giveaway!! More on that at the end :)
First, I tried the Laque Luisant Nail Enamel. You might not know this, but I’m a big polish fan ;) This polish is currently on sale for $5 making it a steal! I found that with first coat was sheer, but with a second coat, the color was full, rich and there to stay! Nothing is better than a polish with REAL staying power. I wasn’t sure at first how I’d like a shimmering orangey coral, but it’s a GREAT spring color. You can see swatches on my Instagram.
Next, I checked out the Multi-Effect Lip Couleur. This lippie is a really GREAT concept!
One end has a traditional lip color, mine is in 08 Coral Glace. This orange is a bit metallic like the nail polish and makes for a great coordinated look. I’m not generally one to match my lipstick and nail polish, but I like the idea. I’ll probably try it with some more pinks and see how well I like it.
The other end is a duo colors stick that is half gold and half silver. More than pigment, these leave a shimmer and shine in their wake that is either gold or silver tones. It’s a great way to essentially decide the undertone of you lipstick shade and to transition from day into night.
Lastly, I received this Palette de Couleur Eyeshadow/Blush palette. My first impression was that the packaging was pretty basic black plastic. Nothing about the packaging screams that you’d need to own this, but I soon learned it’s what’s inside that really matters.
I’m never one to use the mini brushes included in these types of kits, so we’ll skip over those. The cosmetics inside? Wonderfully pigmented, easy to wear and super smooth. Blending these colors was like butter! It’s funny to think how much I enjoyed these colors considering I own so many like them. Fact is, my well known brands aren’t this smooth.
Overall, Comsetique knocks it out of the park again. They’re certainly one of the best kept secrets in beauty and I dub them “one of the best brands you’ve never heard of”. As a reader at, you can enter below for your chance to win this exciting trio!
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