Thursday, May 2, 2013

Never pay full price for Glasses - Firmoo GIVEAWAY!!

I told you that my friend Alison over at The Rosy Snail was going to be rolling out the amazing giveaway for her incredible Blogiversary Event, and that was an understatement. Here is the latest giveaway, and it is an awesome one.

I had Lasik done a few months back, but before then, I had the crappies glasses known to man(with like a 4 year old prescription) because I did not want to spend a fortune for new ones.

The price of glasses is astronomical. I just feel so naive that I did not know abut Firmoo back then, this looks amazing, and anyone who wears glasses needs to see Alison's awesome review, and enter her giveaway below. Good luck.


This lesson might seem silly to those of you who coupon and follow bloggers who teach you amazing ways to save money, but I’ll have to bear my soul for a minute and say it: I used to pay full price (sometimes inflated prices at the “eye doctor”) for my glasses. I just never realized there was any other way! I would get my eyes checked, listen to the doctor about what types of lenses I needed and then pick my favorite pair from the wall. With insurance, the whole thing probably cost me around $75 or so, without insurance…well, I don’t even want to think about that! Let’s just say, I was ignorant. Then I discovered Firmoo.

With Firmoo, you only need to know your eye prescription (or you can purchase “fashion” glasses with no prescription in them) and you plug your information into the site once you’ve selected your glasses. It’s REALLY easy, but if you aren’t sure what all those numbers mean, it’s all explained on the form too. It’s pretty much fool proof. With Firmoo, you get your first pair for FREE! This is my 3rd pair from the company and I love ALL of them! They have a huge range of colors, styles and you even get your glasses faster than a traditional shop. In the past, I’ve waited up to 3 weeks for my glasses to be ready for pick up in store, but my Firmoo glasses were shipped out and in my hands in less than 5 days! You can’t beat that.

When selecting glasses online, it’s hard to gauge the size of each pair, but Firmoo thought of everything because they have a sidebar where you can select an image of someone with a similar face shape to you and “see them on”. That made getting these chunky frames an easy choice and they fit my face EXACTLY how I like them! Aren’t these so cute! My prescription is spot on, these glasses are on trend and I saved at least $100 by shopping with Firmoo!

While you can get your first pair for free, it’s limited to a specific list, SO in case you already picked up your free pair, or you need another pair for a family member OR there is a pair not offered on “the list”- we’re giving away a pair of glasses from Firmoo to one lucky reader!! Just enter below for your chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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