Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In today's world(and even in the old days), it is so important to look "good". We wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes because they are more stylish, we diet or work out to make out bodies look good, we wear makeup and even have surgery done, all in an effort to look better.

I want to look good as much as the next (normal) person, but I wish that we did not have to jump through so many hoops to attain our idea of beauty. What ever happened to the days when being yourself was beautiful?

There is still a sliver of hope left though. With the harsh toll that our bodies endure daily both from the physical elements and the mental stress, it's no wonder we need makeup and things to help cover the damage. Unfortunately, that can often make it worse.

So what is a woman to do? Why can't you actually repair the damage instead of covering it up? Well now, thanks to SKINJOY, you can.


SKINJOY is the ultimate professional skincare. This incredible line of face care products not only helps you look good, it helps your feel good and keeps your skin at it's best(or even better).

These four products are beyond phenomenal. This is absolutely THE BEST skincare system that I have ever used. Each product on it's own is fantastic, but when used together, these ultra premium products are pretty close to a miracle.

You begin with the FOAMING SCRUB.

This scrub is surprisingly gentle, yet incredible effective at removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells. This Foaming Scrub uses a Sulfate-Free exfoliator, which is very unique in a product of this type.

I love how clean this makes my skin feel. It is like peeling off the old layers and having a brand new skin. It makes my skin look brighter and more youthful, and it feels so fresh and light.

The foaming Scrub is followed up by MOISTURIZING SPRAY.

This Spray on Moisturizer is out of this world. It is not a liquid mist or anything, it squirts a stream of moisturizer, so you still rub it in. It is so easy to apply though, and super fast. 

You don't have to worry about squeezing out to much our scooping gloppy creams from a jar and plastering it on your face. This takes all the guess work out. 

It is not too runny at all, in fact it is quite rich, but it is not heavy in any sense. It is light and fluffy almost. It is very hard to explain. You could just keep putting it on(not that you need to) and you would not feel heavy or greasy. It feels powdery smooth, yet deeply hydrated.

This is perfect for your face, and I tend to save mine for there, but you can use it anywhere, and it really gets the job done. I had mega dry skin on my arms and I used a SMALL amount of this Moisturizing Spray(and nothing else - no scrub or anything to take the dry skin), and check out the difference it made.  


If that is not enough to convince you, you have clearly never had dry skin, and don't know how hard it is to repair. I was amazed by the vast improvement this moisturizer made.

Since we are talking about the most important part of one's appearance(the face), after using the Moisturizer Spray, the SKINJOY system takes it a step further by adding the REJUVENATING CREAM.

The Rejuvenating Cream is available in Normal to Oily and Normal to Dry, so no matter your skin type, you can have one that works perfectly for you. And since all the other products work on all skin types, anyone can use this amazing system.

Rejuvenating cream uses powerful antioxidants to regenerate skin while and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation.

This is a must have product to keep skin looking young and vibrant. I am still fairly young, and yet(thanks to the sun) an am starting to look much older than I should, all because my facial skin is taking a beating. This Rejuvenating Cream fights back.

The products above together make a mighty nice system, but since this is a SKINJOY system, it doesn't stop there. You get to top it off with the incredible FACE FINISHER.

This product is magnificent. I am so in love. Not only does this also help deminsh fine lines and wrinkles, but it seals in your skins natural essence to keep it naturally healthy and beautiful. Plus, it give you radiant, glowing skin. I love having a dewy fresh glow. It looks so naturally gorgeous, and it is. It is not some fake glow, it is the glow of truly healthy skin.

The entire system together is mind blowing. It is literally beyond words. My skin looked so bright and refreshed. It was like I got a brand new skin. I tossed that tired, old, dry, dirty one aside and replaced it with one that is healthy, glowing, luminous, supple, bright, firm and totally hydrated. It is AMAZING!

It is so nice to look and feel your best by actually repairing your skin instead of just masking yourself in an attempt to look the way you want. When your body(any part) is in the proper health and receives the right care, then the good looks are just a perk.

That is how it should be. Care that leads to beauty, not beauty that might one day lead to care.

You cannot begin to wish for more when you don't take care of what you have. Embrace your true self, and give your skin the TLC it so desperately needs with SKINJOY. 

And since I want you to expereince this skin magic for yuorself, I am giving away this entire system to one very lucky winner. This is a $127.76 retail value, but the results are truly priceless. Enter below. Good luck.

*Although I received this system at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own* 

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  8. Andrea could you please tell me where I can purchase the entire set of the skinJoy line. I can't find a retailer that sells it. Please message me on FaceBook. Thank you so very much