Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beautisol Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

I know you have been dying for this, the next giveaway from The Rosy Snail's Blogiversary Event.

Alison has been hard at work getting some really awesome giveaways going. These products are awesome. 

With summer coming up, a good tan is vital. The Beautisol products that Alison reviews and is giving away look incredible. I am so excited about this giveaway. I never heard of Beautisol before, but check out the awesome review and enter to win these three incredible products.

Good luck.


Happy Sunday everyone! Have you missed me? I took the day off yesterday for some family time and some good ‘ol Cooperate work (did you all know I have a new part time job?! It’s pretty fun!) and after spending most of today out in the sun with family, I remembered a very exciting review and giveaway I needed to post for you all!
Naturally, I’m one of the whitest people I know. For my MAC loving friends, I wear the shade NC15 which is actually really hard to find because it’s so fair. I can tan pretty easily, but between blogging, part time work at a makeup retailer and life with my boys (the husband included) – I just do NOT have time to soak up the rays. Tanning in a tanning bed is something I’ve tried once in my life and while I liked it all right, I hated feeling like I needed to go everyday to get my money worth of tan. It’s just EXPENSIVE. A few month’s back, I entered a drawing to win a a tanning product from Beauitsol. I won and I’m been hooked on their products ever since!
I got the chance to try out a few of their best sellers recently (and offer you all an exciting giveaway) and I have to say, It will be REALLY hard to find anything that will ever look as natural on me! I received three products: the Tea Tan Glow Body Bronzer, Medium Self-Tanning Mousse and the Self Tanning Lotion Applicator Mitt.
The self tanning mousse is really easy to apply (even without the handy dandy mitt) and leaves your skin with a smooth even finish. I’ve used lotions, creams and gels in the past and had on heck of a time getting an even, steak free application so when I was able to apply with mousse so easily with half the effort I was stunned. I let out an audible “Oh.” When I realized I was already done and just needed to let myself dry. There was no extra blending to be done and the colors was great! Dry time was only a minute or two and there was no lengthy wait before I could get dressed and go on with my day.
Let’s talk about the color for a second! FABULOUS. Because I’m so fair, it take nothing for a self tanner to turn me into an Oompa Loompa. Orange, Orange ORANGE. Even professional spray tans look orange on me. This tanner is the exception to the rule. This tanner looks the perfect shade of brown against my skin. I’ve seen images on this used on many skin tones including olive and even those who are naturally very tan and I think it’s fair to say these results are universal. Beauitsol just knows what TAN should look like!
Between tannings OR when I just need that little extra boost of glowing tan, I use the Tea Tan Glow Body Bronzer. This is different from a self tanner or sunless tanning in that it’s somewhat like a body makeup in the form of a bronzer. It will wash off in the shower and does not stain the skin. I found this product to be fabulous as well! Just like adding multiple layers of a self tanner, I was able to layer this to create an even deeper effect when needed. This product also smelled really nice and light and slightly like the beach!
Each of these products can be applied with the Self Tanning Lotion Applicator Mitt so you don’t have to worry about staining your hands. The Mousse formula makes application simple and fast, but with the mitt, the overall result is a smooth butter like feel and a 100% streak free tan in minutes.
Over, Beautisol makes it easy to get my tan on and give the illusion that I’ve spend hundreds in the tanning bed or countless hours in the sun when really, I’ve just taken a few minutes to use their easy, user-friendly products.
Beautisol was generous enough to not only send out these exciting products for me to review and tell you all about, but one lucky reader will also win all three of these products as well! Enter below for your chance to win!
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  1. i start using sunless tanner early in the spring and use a tanning lotion regularly!

  2. I never really tan but I wanna start

  3. Stay indoors! The sun can do a lot of damage that won't show up until you are older.

  4. I use self tanners because I'm extremely fair and burn terribly if I go in the sun. I tend to stay indoors or in shade, but need some extra help from the bottle.