Tuesday, May 14, 2013

VioLight Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

She is still at it. Another fab giveaway from The Rosy Snail for her Blogiversary Event.

Since germs are universal, and nowadays so are cell phones pretty much, and Cell Phone Sanitizer just makes so much sense. Most people need to be surgically removed from their phones, so at least making them germ free is wise.

You cant take a disinfecting wipe or hand sanitizer to your phone without causing damage, so how do you kill the germs? Easy the VioLight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer. Simple put your phone in, turn it on and wait. And since many would go into withdrawal without their phones, this only takes about 5 minutes. How cool is that.

Read all the details in Alison's review below, and enter to win one for yourself. Good luck.


This lesson comes at a funny time because my 3-year-old has just discovered the concept of germs. Not only has he begun to tell me where germs are and how to get rid of them (by washing your hands, etc) but he has also begun to get terribly offended when you point them out to him. Like when he puts his hands in his mouth for no reason, he does NOT like you to tell him about all the germs he’s putting on his tongue. All this talk about germs had me thinking about one of the most germ covered things we never wash….our cell phones. You might be thinking “Well, sure. My cell phone may be covered in germs, but how on earth am I going to clean it?” Well, that is where VioLight comes in.
VioLight produces a line of UV cleaning products perfect for in home use. These products are designed to easily sanitize everyday products you might otherwise never be able to thoroughly rid of germs such as well phones and toothbrushes.  Fact is, there is just no way to really clean a cell phone, music player or other small electronic device. You can’t get them wet, but you can kill on the germs on it with UV light.
“Nooks, crannies, cracks, crevices, whatever you call them, they are the place that everything eventually comes to rest, and your phone has a ton of them. Dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and more become lodged in the creases in your phone every day, creating a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The question is, how do you get them out?
The answer, the Violife Cell Phone Sanitizer. Place your cell phone, Bluetooth, earbuds, MP3 player, or anything that will fit, in the basket and replace the lid. Germicidal UV rays will do the rest, leaving your items germ free and ready for use. With our cell phone sanitizer, you can ignore those nooks and crannies and talk without fear of having a dirty mount.”
Using the VioLight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is easy, just place your phone on the basket, place it inside and place the lid on. The Blue light on the front will blink slowly for approximately 5 minutes and once it stops, your device is all clean. Essentially you can clean anything that fits. It’s perfect for cell phones, ear buds, bluetooth ear pieces and even your car keys. Whether your a mom like me who allows her tots to play on her mobile phone or you’re someone who works in a field where there is a high risk of coming in contact with germs, (such as hospitals or daycares), I think this product could become an essential part of your life.
The people at VioLight were generous enough to send me this cell phone sanitizer to share, but they also want to give one away to one lucky reader! Enter below for your chance to win!
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