Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nature'z Candyz Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

I am happy to bring you another wonderful giveaway from The Rosy Snail Blogiversary Event. 

Most of you know that I am dieting to lose weight. Having healthy food that is also tasty is the key, and this dried fruit from Nature'z Candyz looks fabulous.

I would love to try it, and I know you would too. Read Alison's review and enter below. Good luck.



There are many 100% Fruit snacks out on the market but what you don’t realize is that to keep that product on the shelf, several things happen. They flash freeze them, loosing much of the flavor and often, those products have preservatives in them to keep them fresher longer. So, while those products boast “only fruit” the truth is you’re not getting the same nutrients (and in my opinion, satisfaction OR flavor) or a while piece of delicious fruit. When I first heard about Naturez Candyz, I just had to see what all the fuss was all about!

Naturez Candyz are made in small batches with only the best ingredients from San Diego, California. They are made without added sugars, preservatives, dyes or oils- just pure, great tasting fruit. Owner and inventor, Partricia Schantz, takes amazing pride in what she creates. Her venture into dried fruits started simply as a quest for a TRUE 100%  fruit way to snack. She searched stores and realized if she wanted it done right, she would need to do it herself! Experimenting with different combinations, temperatures and more lead Patricia to the amazing snacks now available at Naturez Candyz!
One of the best sellers from this line at Coconut Bananaz. I was blows away by the originality in the flavors available. I have seen every brand out there freeze dry and dehydrate applies, but Bananas dried with a low heat to retail all that flavor rolled in Organic coconut?! Healthy snacking GENIUS! Other unique  flavors include Pearz, Watermelonz and even LimeBananaz.

Each piece of fruit is carefully inspected by hand and as Patricia puts it she’s making sure “it’s something I would want to eat.” The quality control doesn’t go unnoticed as each piece is picture perfect! These strawberries were certainly my favorite flavor! I’m a sucker for Strawberries fresh from the market but these were unlike any dried berries I’d ever tasted. Typically, I find dried strawberries to be brittle, a little bland and at the end of the bag, you get a ton of strawberry powder- it’s less than idea! With these, they melted in your mouth and still retailed a very slight gumminess. The sweet and tart flavor I love in strawberries was only concentrated into these sweet slices and none of the flavor was lost!
While these Strawberries were a hit, I can’t say that any of the flavors didn’t hit their mark! All the flavors were fresh and tasted just like their original form. It was often hard to stop eating them! I really think any fruit lover and snacking enthusiast should try Naturez Candyz and thanks to their generosity, here is your chance! Enter below to win a variety of these Gourmet dried fruit flavors worth $25! Enter below to win, but also check out the video below where Patricia was featured on Food Crafters!!
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