Monday, May 27, 2013

Linda's Diet Delights Review

Eating healthy and losing weight is hard. Even if you find healthier alternatives, often you still have to eat small portions to avoid consuming too many calories. That is where the real challenge lies for me.

I can eat pretty much anything if I can eat a good sized portion without calorie overload. Of course, I hate eating cardboard food and am always wishing for something that tastes good as well. Finding something tasty, filling and low fat/calorie is no easy feat.

When in search of such rare foods, it is best to go to a place that makes diet foods their specialty. It just so happens that I found the perfect place, where diet food is not the first thought, but the only though. Linda's Diet Delights has everything I could ever want.

I recently tried a selection of Slim Thin Foods from Linda's, and I am literally in awe of how fabulous they are.

I tried Blueberry Muffins:

These muffins are incredible. They have only 40 calories each 2oz muffin! Plus only 1g Fat and only 2 Net Carbs. I think this is probably the lowest fat/cal/carb food combination I have ever had. Usually it is low fat and calorie, high carbs, or low carbs, high fat etc. These muffins are the trifecta.

The blueberry is good. Not too sweet or even too blueberry tasting. The muffin is the star, and the blueberry flavor is just the extra special bonus.

Vanilla Muffins:

I am a vanilla baked goods addict. I am in love with all things vanilla, and these muffins do not disappoint. I like these more than the blueberry(fabulous as they are).

These have all that golden sweet vanilla goodness you crave. They are sinfully good and any dieters heaven.

Every variety of Thin Slim Muffins are Sugar Free, Kosher, High Fiber, High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat and Low Calorie. They are Guaranteed not to raise Blood Glucose.

These are so oist. I was really blown away by how moist they are. I was expecting crubly and dry. not even close. They are very filling compared to any other diet dessert I have had, and the calories are surprisingly low.

The diet meal plan I am on offers muffins for breakfast, and theirs are 3 times the fat and calories of these, literally. 150-180 calories and 3-4.5g fat, and they are the same 2oz size.

I could eat 2 of the Thin Slim Muffins and still come out ahead of the game. I really love that.

I also tried Cinnamon Squares:

These are so delectable. I love cinnamon for baked goods. These have a very moist, yet dense(and super filling) texture. I love it.

They have such a warm and rich flavor. They are perfect for a breakfast, snack or dessert. I could eat these all day long, and with only 40 calories, 1g Fat and 2 Net Carbs per 2oz square they are totally guilt free, although they taste like a guilty pleasure.

And last, and certainly not least, I tried the Chocolate Glazed Low Fat Cookie:

This was my favorite of all the amazing items. It is so big and filling. I was starving when these arrived, and since this was only 45 calories and 1g Fat, I dug right in. It was incredible. So moist and dense with the amazing chocolate frosting.

I could not believe that this was actually something I could eat on a diet, let alone being about have(or less) than most diet snacks.

In fact, I still can't, but I know that I need to get some more right away. I have been craving these ever since that first one. Love at first bite. So fabulous.

If you are trying to ea healthier, lose weight or just find delicious, filling snacks, then you should check out Linda's Diet Delight's to see all the amazing Thin Slim Foods products and all the other fantastic food brands they sell.

I really love that there are customer reviews too, so you can see what other dieters think. Seeing real opinions is a great tool for helping me decide, and the yummy pictures sure don't hurt.

No matter what you are looking for, I bet Thin Slim foods has it, and if not, another brand from Linda's Diet Delights certainly will. Check it out and happy dieting(emphasis on HAPPY).

*Although I received these products to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


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