Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Core Bamboo Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

Of course I love a good giveaway, but what I am really loving most about The Rosy Snail's awesome Blogiversary Event is finding out about tons of cool brands and products that I have never heard of before.

Alison's latest Blogiversary giveaway(and review) is for Core Bamboo. Not only a fabulous bamboo cutting board, but even bamboo knives. Who knew? What a fabulous concept. I really want to give these a try.

Read Alison's review below for all the details, and of course, enter to win these items for yourself. Good luck.


This isn’t my first rodeo with Core Bamboo and their quality bamboo home items, but lets be honest, it never gets old. Core Bamboo creates products for the kitchen and home that serve a function, but are also stunning to look at. From bowls and serving trays to lazy susans and even knives.
We had the honor of checking out three fun, functional products from Core Bamboo to spice up our kitchen decor.
The selection of cutting boards at Core Bamboo is outstanding and larger than any I’ve ever seen. Bamboo cutting boards are my all time favorite for both their appearance and for how well they hold up over time. To go for something a little different, we decided to go with a darker stain. This is the Medium Dark Crushed Bamboo Cutting Board. I love the rounded, smooth edges and of course the color. We’ve been using this cutting board for several weeks now and it looks almost EXACTLY like it did when I first got it and took this picture. It’s easy to clean and it doesn’t swell easily with moisture. We’re looking forward to having this board for many years to come.
We also tried two Core Bamboo knives. Now, I agree with your first thought. A knife made of bamboo?! Get out! But they’re actually fun, wonderfully designed and they DO cut! This is their Chefs knife. (or as they call it, Chefs Slicer) This knife is perfect for cutting cheeses, fruits, veggies, meats and more. It’s stayed really sharp in the time we’ve used it, but because its wood, I feel safe letting the kids help me in the kitchen as well :)
Lastly, I got to try their Bread Slicer. Since I have a stunning bread machine and NO bread knife to speak of, this was a given. Though I’m on Nutrisystem now and not eating much bread, I still use this anytime I have a fresh loaf for my boys to slice up. This knife tears through bread and its absolutely perfect.
Core Bamboo not only brightens up the kitchen (and home) but their products are also built to last! Core Bamboo was kind enough to send these products out for review and they also want to send some goodies to one lucky reader! You can enter below for your chance to win $60 to shop! Enter below to win!

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