Monday, July 21, 2014

Kraft Paisley Points - Enter to Win a Walmart Gift Card!!

*This is a sponsored giveaway with Mums the Word Network and Kraft Paisley Points. All opinions are my own.*

I obviously love to share my opinions of products and services with you all. That is what my site is all about, and as much as it is a job, I also consider it a passion, to help people make their lives better, if only the slightest bit.

While me suggesting a certain body lotion or brand of chips may seem meaningless, I feel that when one spends their hard earned money on something, they should know they are getting a good value and a product they can trust. I have been burned before, and it is not something I want anyone to worry about.

In the course of my job, I have found many products that I have come to love a great deal, but there are also products and brands that I have trusted for as long as I can remember and those are the ones I most love to recommend. One of the brands that I use almost religiously is Kraft.

Cheese is not only one of my favorite foods, it is one of my favorite things, period. I could(and often do) eat cheese several times a day, every day, and I far exceed the recommended servings. While my jeans may not like it, I really don't regret it. With Kraft I know I am getting the best quality at the best price and I feel great about enjoying the wholesome dairy delight and serving it to my family.

One of the things I enjoy most in life is perks. Getting added bonus for things you already do is pretty awesome. So when I heard about the Paisley Points program from Kraft, I was thrilled. Now I have an even better reason to enjoy Kraft products.
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The Kraft Foods Paisley Points campaign is the only program that rewards you for buying the Kraft Foods cheese brands you know, love, and use for family meals! The program is simple: From June 3rd, 2014 until August 31st, 2014 shop for select Kraft Foods cheese brands at Walmart, scan your receipt, and earn rewards!

With the Paisley Points program, one earns points just for buying Kraft products. Over 100 Kraft Foods cheese brands are eligible. When you sign up for Paisley Points you will automatically be entered into the grand Prize Sweepstakes to win Brad Paisley memorabilia:

10 guitars signed by Brad Paisley, 20 hats signed by Brad Paisley, 20 guitar cheeseboard sets.

 As if that was not incentive enough, there are also ways to earn bonus points!

    Sign up with a Paisley Point blogger’s promo code = 30 points
    Share your receipt submissions on Facebook = 15 points
    Share your prize redemptions on Facebook = 15 points

Additionally, each month, select products will be worth double the points. for July the bonus point varieties are :

    KRAFT Natural Cheese Slices TOUCH OF PHILLY Colby Jack 10 Ct 7 oz.
    KRAFT Big Slice Colby Jack 10 ct 8 oz.
    KRAFT Big Slice Chipotle White Cheddar 7.5 oz.
    KRAFT Big Slice Swiss 10 ct 8 oz.
    KRAFT Big Slice Jalapeno White Cheddar 10 Ct 7.5 oz.
    KRAFT Natural Cheese Slices with a TOUCH OF PHILLY Pepper Jack 10 Ct 7 oz.
    KRAFT Big Slice Swiss Aged 10 ct 8 oz.
    KRAFT Natural Cheese Slices Combo Pack Pepper Jack/Sharp Cheddar 7.2 oz.
    KRAFT Big Slice Pepper Jack 10 ct 8 oz.
    KRAFT Slim Cut Swiss Reduced Fat Made with 2% Milk 7 oz

I am sure you are wondering what the points you earn are good for? I had the same question and was worried it would be something I had no use for, but on the contrary, it's something very useful indeed.

A $5 Walmart gift card for 200 Paisley Points. A $10 Walmart gift card is 350 Paisley Points. A $20 Walmart gift card is 500 Paisley Points. A Brad Paisley t-shirt is 750 Paisley Points and a
Brad Paisley's newest CD "Wheelhouse" is 300 Paisley Points.

While this may sound exaggerated, this is like a dream come true to me.  I don't know anyone who couldn't use a Walmart gift card. It's practically like getting cash back on products I already buy. If I shop at Walmart and get rewarded with more "money" to spend a Walmart, I can't think of a more valuable reward. Money is limited for most people, and any way to help our budget go further is appreciated. 

As wonderful as the Paisley Points program is, and as excited as I am to share it with you, I have something ever better to top it off. FIVE lucky winners will win a Walmart gift card simply by entering via the widget below. One first prize winner will receive a $100 Gift Card and 4 second place winners will receive a $50 gift card. Best of luck on this fabulous giveaway.

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