Monday, October 27, 2014

PREMAMA® Complete Review

It seems like half the people I know are currently pregnant. Literally, I know so many expecting women it is almost giving me baby fever...ALMOST. While there is a lot of good things that make me wish I was expecting, there are a few aspects I can certainly do without. 

Aside from the space, attention and money needed to care for another child(the reason I am not having another if I can help it), there is also morning sickness, back pan, swollen ankles, labor pain ect. And there used to be another factor that I despised about pregnancy, but recently I found a solution to that one.

Prenatal vitamins can be a nightmare. I hate taking pills. Taking any pills causes me physical pain and nearly gags me most of the time. Paired with morning sickness it is especially unpleasant. Prenatal vitamins are huge, and you need to take them every day, which makes it substantially worse. 

The physical distress, then only lead to emotional distress. I knew how important the vitamins were to my baby's health and would often feel like a bad mother for even complaining. All in all, those vitamins were probably the worst part of pregnancy for me, and it is such a shame.

If only I had PREMAMA® Complete when I was pregnant. If you are not aware of PREMAMA® Complete, it is the ONLY prenatal vitamin that is drinkable. It is a multivitamin powder containing prescription-grade nutrients doctors recommend for fetal and infant health and development.   

PREMAMA® Complete contains additional nutrients as well. 30 mg of Vitamin B6 to soothe occasional bouts of morning sickness. Ferrochel® Gentle Iron® to minimize iron-induced constipation. 1000mcg of Folic Acid (prescription strength) to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Vitamin B12 to help control fatigue. 65mg of Vegetarian DHA and 200mg of Omega 3 Fats, 30% more than any other prenatal pill replacement, including gummies

You add the orange-flavored powder to water, juice, or any other beverage. You can even add it to food if you want. So instead of having every day of your pregnancy being clouded by the negatives of swallowing a disgusting pill, you can drink a yummy orange drink and enjoy all the wonderful parts of carrying a child.
PREMAMA® Complete is ultra convenient too. It comes on boxes of 28 single-serve daily packets. They are perfect to keep in your purse can can easily be taken on the go. Better yet, you won't get the strange looks you often get taking a pill in public, and you won't have to find a bathroom or hide somewhere to take it to avid the aforementioned stares.

PREMAMA® Complete is a Target Exclusive product, so if you have not seen it in stores, you ought to shop at Target more often. You can even get coupons to sae even more(than Targets low prices) on
PREMAMA® Complete.

I really want to get the point across how amazing PREMAMA® Complete is. I even made a video(which I don't usually do in addition to a written post) because I feel so strongly.

If you are expecting, trying to conceive, or just want a better way to take vitamins, I highly recommend  PREMAMA® Complete. Be sure to connect on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube as well, to stay informed on all things PREMAMA® Complete.

*Although I was compensated for this review, all opinions are 100% my own.*
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