Saturday, September 12, 2015

Longer Lashes With Latisse

*This is a sponsored guest post on behalf of Latisse.*

For a long time, cosmetic companies were dominant when it comes to aesthetic procedures and beauty improvements. Lately, pharmaceutical industry slowly started overwhelming cosmetic companies by producing products which not only change appearance, but they also have medical benefits at the same time. When it comes to longer and thicker eyelashes, we no longer need mascara. Nowadays, we are able to use medicine for treating glaucoma as a way to stimulate growth of this particular hair.

A Few years ago, FDA has approved registration of first commercial drug which can be used in order to stimulate eyelashes. It is produced by US company Allergan and it is called Latisse. This drug is used in order to replenish naturally produced prostaglandin. People who are suffering from hypotrichosis have to deal with this issue. This disease causes the hair to be fine and brittle
sometimes resulting in boldness. As a way to prevent this from happening, Latisse can be used in order to improve the density of the hair making it stronger at the same time.

The drug is used each night, before you go to bed. First, it is necessary to wash your hands and face, removing make-up and contact lenses. There shouldn’t be anything on your skin that can interfere with the application. Medicine is applied on upper eyelids, at the root of follicle. However, if you opt to buy Latisse, have in mind that the drug cannot be placed on lower eyelids. If the drug gets into your eyes, there is no reason for concern. However, you shouldn’t rinse it. Sometimes, parts of your body may get in contact with the drug. When that happens, all you need to do is remove it by using absorbent material.  Otherwise, the drug may cause increased hair growth. After administering the drug, you are able to put your contact lenses back in place. It is applied only once daily and any additional use will have no effect. First results are visible after two months.
Like any other drug, it is necessary to follow doctor’s instructions precisely. Before you can use it, it is necessary to do the examination which will determine whether you are allergic to it or any of its components. Similarly to most medication present among us, it is not recommended for women that are breastfeeding or those that are bearing a child because it can interfere with the baby. Also, patient needs to report to his doctor if he had any eye issue, such as glaucoma or increased eye pressure. Any swelling or infection can prevent you from using Latisse.
Sometimes, side effects may occur when using this medicine. Most common ones are discomfort, redness, itching. There is also a possibility of severe side effects such as severe pain, burning or itching, strange discharge from your eyes, vision problems and increased sensitivity to light. Some people have even exhibited dizziness, nausea and headache. If any severe issue occurs, it is
necessary to contact your doctor immediately and listen to his advice.

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