Monday, September 14, 2015

Starlooks Looksbook Review!

Everyone knows how much I love Starlooks cosmetics and how much I adore my Starbox subscription. I am so excited to have received the very first Looksbook Starbox. The Looksbook box is brand new, and it is awesome. Each month has a different theme. This month is the Resort Edition.

I love that the collection is coordinated to create one cohesive, themed, look. It is so great to have the entire look planned for me, as sometimes I am play it too safe when trying to create a look. With the Looksbook, Starlooks creates fresh, bold, trendy, fun looks for me, so I know it will look great.

The Looksbook even has tips for each product to ensure that I know what to do. I can use all the tips I can get. I am not always comfortable with my skills where beauty products are concerned, so I love to have a guide to help me be sure I am doing it right.

Now on to the actual items included in this month's Looksbook box, they are fabulous. This box contained a fabulous Water Eye Shadow Stick, a Highlighter/Blush Duo, and a Lipstick, all perfectly coordinated for a resort look.

The colors are fabulous. I was blown away by how beautiful they are, especially since the Highlighter/Blush is the only color palate I would have normally chosen for myself. The colors are beautiful, though. After seeing them, I am thrilled to have them in my collection. It's like Starlooks knows me better than I know myself.

The Water Eye Shadow in Aqua is so stunning. The shimmer is divine. I am all about shimmer on my eyes, so that is perfect. I usually opt for dark, nuetral colors, so this light, blueish green color is such a change. I really think it makes my eyes pop, and it is a much more fun look for daytime.

This is the first Water Eye Shadow I have ever used, and I just love it. It is so easy to apply. It is advised to use a small shadow brush, and that works so well. It is also easy to apply with my finger or directly from the stick(and smoothed with brush or fingers). It stays on all day, never smears or goes transparent. It feels lightweight and smooth. One of the best shadows I have ever used.

The Lipstick in Jet Set is so pretty. It is a very true pink with hints of coral. It is such a flirty, fun color. I love that it is opaque but it does not look pasty or like it is painted on. It looks smooth, polished and super moisturized. It even made my lips feel softer after I look it off. It didn't fade, bleed or cake up. I find myself going to this lipstick more and more, slowly replacing my usual faves.

The Highlighter/Blush Duo is stunning. These are the colors I usually reach for, but they are still a step above the other items I own. That gold highlighter will be a staple for me, I can us it on my eyes or cheeks with any look. The blush is such a natural looking color, but with a hint of luminous shimmer. Again, shimmer is my thing, so I love that.

Together, these products create a fresh, bright, flirty fun resort look. This gives a very beachy feel, which is perfect for the beach town I live in here in Florida. Best of all, they are perfectly sized for travel, and they all fit neatly and securely in the Looksbook box. I can toss the entire look in my purse. It takes up minimal space and I never have to worry about the products coming open or getting broken.

I am in love with the Starlooks Looksbook box already. I cannot wait to see what next month will hold. For only $12, including shipping, it is an amazing value. Not only is it a complete, travel friendly, look, but it is a surprise in your mailbox every month. Who doesn't love getting fun gifts in the mail?

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to LooksBook by Starbox now. Loksbook is not a subscription box, it's a lifestyle. Get a little escape each and every month. Change your look, create a new style, go on a new adventure. Let Looksbook help you look your best.

*I received this Looksbook box at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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