Monday, September 14, 2015

Sag to Swag: Cruisin’, Bouncin’, and Groovin’ with Pampers

*This review was made possible by iConnect: Influencer Management and Pampers. I received product free of charge, but all opinions are 100% mine.*

Anyone who knows my daughter knows that she is almost always moving. I sometimes wish she would be a little less active, but I certainly don't want her to be restricted due to a saggy diaper. Thankfully, Pampers understands this, which is why their Cruisers Diapers have been redesigned, with new Extra Absorb ChannelsTM to take babies from #SagtoSwag.

While swag often refers to style, and my daughter certainly considers herself a fashionista, Pampers believes that swag is actually an attitude, your baby's unique personality. My daughter has plenty of personality as well, and a soggy diaper is a huge cramp in her style.

Pampers found that more than 80% of moms who notice sag are bothered by saggy diapers, and that more than three-quarters of moms (78%) feel that saggy diapers can weigh their baby down. The three channel absorbent core design in new Pampers Cruisers responds to this parent insight and represents four years of research and development.

I just had the chance to try new Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Wipes as well as a Hop Hop Trampoline that I am saving for my daughter's birthday. My little girl loves to bounce, so I know he is going to love it.

I was originally worried that a trampoline and a diaper would be a bad combination, but with New Pampers Cruisers, my little girl can move freely, and boy does she ever. She never stays still. She always has to be doing something and headed somewhere. Even when she is sitting, she has to be moving.

Whether she is dancing or jumping on the bed or running from room to room or climbing on every piece of furniture we own, she is always moving. Now she can do all her Cruisin’, Bouncin’, and Groovin’ more comfortably, with a diaper that won't sag, bunch, or rub her chunky thighs.

The Extra Absorb ChannelsTM are 3 separate channels that distribute moisture evenly so it stays drier and does not sag like ordinary diapers. They provide 12 hours of protection, as Cruisers always have, but now they do it while feeling drier and looking better(no sag). As a result, the diapers fit better and allow baby to move, play and explore more comfortably.

I know my daughter loves them. I did not expect her to be so excited about something as simple as diapers, but she loves them. She actually gets excited every time I change her and she brags about her diapers and is sure to tell her dad and brother(and me) that they are just for her and we are all too big for her diapers. 

I should have known she would love them, though. These Pampers Cruisers have three layers of protection and a thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection. New Pampers Cruisers still feature a fun Sesame Street® character design and include wide, stretchy sides to help the diaper stay in place and flex comfortably. With Pampers I know we will always get the best fit.

As much as I love Pampers because of their products and how they benefit me and my family, I also love the company for what they stand for and how they give back. Pampers is committed to supporting the happy, healthy development of each baby and making life #BetterforBaby. Pampers is making a diaper donation at each Pampers Cruiser stop, continuing the brand’s mission to provide millions of diapers for families in need each year.  

I love knowing that my daughter is safe, comfortable, and well protected by a company that cares about our family and countless families in need. Pampers is a brand I truly trust. Getting my daughter from #SagtoSwag is just a delightful bonus. Does your baby/toddler sag? What could your baby do better if they traded sag in for swag with Pampers Cruisers?  

Let me know what you think about Pampers, new Cruisers Diapers, sagging, or any other thoughts you have after reading this post. Be sure to follow Pampers on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube so you are always up to date on new products, promotions and more.


  1. Are you still using these and is your daughter wearing size 7 Pampers or if you were done using them or got another pack of size 7 Pampers can you send me a few diapers or an unused pack of them.

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