Saturday, November 27, 2021

4 Benefits of a Military Friendly MBA Program

military friendly online mba.jpgCombat training is not all that the military have to offer. This is the core of their existence but they do more than this. This has been the experience judging from how many veterans have ended up doing amazingly well in the world of business.

Just so you know, a good number of top corporations across various industries have veterans as the brain behind them. Some of these corporations include Walmart, RE/MAX, FedEx, Sperry Shoes, WeWork, and GoDaddy.

These are just a few examples of corporations founded by Military Veterans as there are several others (known and unknown). This proves that what these people learn in the military is beyond combat training.

They will be able to do more if they are exposed to the right training. This is why they are strongly advised to undertake a military-friendly MBA program. This improves their chances of doing better in and outside the military.

We will shed more light on the benefits of undertaking such educational programs here. We advise you to follow through to the end and pay rapt attention as they do so.

What Is an MBA?

MBA is an acronym that stands for Masters in Business Administration. It is a degree program for graduates and is chiefly focused on investment management and business administration.

It does this by offering major courses in areas such as applied statistics, accounting, human resources, business ethics, strategic management, business law, and several other courses. One of the tips for choosing the right program is to analyze how the core courses offered can benefit you.

You might as well know that MBA is not designed exclusively for military persons. It is for everyone eligible, having undergone prior educational training that puts them in a good position to run the program.

However, some institutions run these programs and offer more, especially for military personnel. This is because they understand the peculiarities that come with equipping such students.

Time flexibility, especially for people still in active service within or outside the country is an example of what such institutions offer. This is one of the considerations that these schools should have for such students.

Benefits of MBA Programs for Military Persons

military friendly online mba1.jpg

Some of these benefits include the following:

An All-Encompassing Program

The practicality of the program is something that should be considered. You should ask yourself the question of how it would benefit you in the long run.

On that note, you should understand that bagging the MBA honors will help regardless of your area in or outside the military. It covers a wide range of topics and some of them will prove helpful regardless of what you are involved in. For more on the courses usually covered, you can visit:

We especially think that this point makes undertaking this program worth it. This is so that they can make the most of their time during active service and even afterward. Many people in your shoes have towed this path and are forever grateful that they did.

Improved Time Management Skill

There are several reasons why business owners are usually willing to pay top dollar for MBA graduates. This is because of the many amazing things these people bring to the table. One of such is time management skills that are impressive.

At the end of it all, these business owners realize that paying what an MBA graduate commands is a profitable deal. Aside from the financial incentive, the need to be better at using your time to achieve several tasks is a reason you should undertake this program.

Financial Benefits

There are financial benefits that come with having an MBA in and outside the military. You become more eligible for promotions for instance and this, in turn, improves your financial status.

The major aim of serving is to protect the country’s interest as much as you can. However, nothing says that you cannot get the best financial reward while doing this. Having an MBA will make this happen.

Best Shot at Life after Active Service

We did explain how some veterans have established top corporations and made their indelible marks earlier. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for every veteran. Some of them become a mess eventually because they are not fully prepared for life after active service.

Having an MBA is one of the ways to prepare accordingly. We strongly suggest that you bag the honors and put what you have learned to good use.

You also need to get your MBA from the right institution as this also counts. The truth is that some institutions offer a lot more than others. You can click here for more on this subject.


There is so much that military persons can achieve with an MBA program. This is why they are advised to undertake an MBA program and make the most of it. We have shed some light on this subject here and hope that you make the right decisions going forward.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Back To Business

Over the past year and a half, the Covid 19 pandemic has taken so much from all of us. It has been especially hard on small business, especially those deemed non-essential during lock downs and closures. Increased safety practices requirements also posed challenges for business with limited finances to implement new policies. 

Factor in would be customers being too cautious or too sick to patronize the business and employees also becoming more scarce due to illness or preventative caution and the effect is compounded. 

We are still not out of the woods with this pandemic, and it seems like we only keep getting further away from normalcy instead of closer. Still, in many areas, businesses are pretty much starting to re-open as usual. It is important for those of us that have the means to support small business that we really show up and get these businesses thriving again.

Data Cleaning Steps for Small Businesses - Business 2 Community

Huge chain corporations will not miss your business. They will survive and continue to not pay taxes and underpay workers. There will never be a shortage of McDonald's or Subway. But if your favorite little cafe, bakery, or Mexican restaurant were to close down, it would be impossible to replace.

Not only do these small businesses offer one of a kind goods and services, many times, they pay higher wages than chain corporations. A living wage. A good small business will treat the workers with respect. Most times, they become like family. 

So many small businesses also give back to the community. I have come across so many local small business that donate to those in needs, usually in many different ways. They do profit share fundraisers for local school, provide free food for charity events, and they hold food drives, toy drives, supply drives, and more. 

That is the real beauty of small business. They are your neighbors. We help them and they help us and we are all far better for it. The world needs a lot more of that. More kindness, more empathy, more understanding, more generosity. We all need to do what we can and be the good we want to see in the world.

I found a great article by Max Gorin that talks about some of the ways in which small business can make a bug impact on the community. It is great information and so true. I believe in the value of small business. I believe that we would all be worse off if they don't get the support they need to thrive and stay around for us. 

So, just in case you may need the reminder, as you go back to your girls night cocktails or Sunday brunches, or post quarantine haircuts and manicures, as you shop for your fall wardrobe and home decor, as you begin your holiday shopping, please remember that small businesses need us, and we need them. 

Also remember, that just because we are moving forward, we are not past this pandemic. Please use caution. Be safe and keep others safe.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Business and SOX Compliance

In 2002, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was designed in an effort to protect investors from fraudulent business practices by public corporations. This was a positive change for investors, but made for a larger regulatory burden on businesses. The penalty for SOX non-compliance can be quite severe. Financial loss, reputation damage, dipping stocks, required remediation, and more, are all examples of the cost of SOX non-compliance.

What is SOX Compliance? Requirements & Controls - DNSstuff

The types of practices the SOX act prohibits are: altering (shredding, mutilating, destroying) or falsifying documents, certifying misleading or fraudulent financial reports, failing to report material conditions or financial changes in real time (as timely as reasonable), and failing to file regular financial reports with the FEC. Some of these sections carry the potential for heavy jail time if violated.

While these measures certainly are essential for a transparent (therefor trustworthy) business, the mental strain and worry of accidentally making a mistake can seem more like a a negative to business and workers. Just more stress.

The good news is that there are many SOX compliant software options that can easily ensure these regulations are being followed appropriately. I found a great list of the top SOX compliance software solutions.

Implementing software that has built in checks and automatically comply with the SOX regulations can help alleviate some of the weight off of your (and your employee's) shoulders.  Modern businesses require many different financial applications, such as SAP Oracle, Workday Financials, and more. It can prove difficult to keep them all SOX compliant. 

Thankfully, solutions such as Pathlock, can help monitor all of the data from these applications, to monitor that data for segregation of duties (SoD) exposures, business process exceptions, or IT general control failures. It tracks and logs all suspect behavior and generates reports that are suitable for SOX requirements.

Not only can it find and isolate these types of violations, Pathlock can also take action immediately when it detects suspicious activity by blocking transactions, masking data, sending alerts, or ending sessions.

When the stakes are that high, no business can afford to cut corners or take risks with their SOX compliance. And the easiest, safest way to ensure these requirements are met is by implementing SOX compliant softwares that are made to watch for and correct any problems before they turn into bigger problems. 

I still have a lot to learn about the SOX act and SOX compliance, applications, and software, but I am thankful I started getting informed and taking action before it became damage control instead of damage prevention. Never take unnecessary risks with your business. It is much too important.

If there are pertinent facts about the SOX act or SOX compliance that I may have inadvertently omitted, I would be very glad to be corrected. I am always willing to learn and improve on my shortcomings. And I want to have the most informed views I can to share with my readers. I think the sharing of knowledge between strangers is one of the most useful tools we as a people have, and we should start making better use of it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A New Perspective

When you live in the same town most of your life, you start to see things as "just the way it is." It can be hard to shift perspective. For example, our state is one of the most popular destinations for things like Spring Break and Bike Week. And we also have Biketober Fest, which is coming up fairly soon.

As a resident, parent, and driver, I can't say that I look forward to this event. I don't ride a motorcycle, so I tend to view it is more noise, more traffic, and more crowds at the stores and restaurants that I patronize. None of those are particularly appealing to me.

The thing is, that I can get so wrapped up in the ways that it might affect me, that I sort of become numb to the fact that a lot of bikers end up in danger. There is always an influx of traffic accidents during those events. People's lives forever changed.

Motorcycle Laws in Florida - Jones Law Group

It got me thinking about what happens afterward, when Biketober fest is over and I move on with my bike free life. So I wanted to do a little research on accidents. What I realized is, that if you are in a motorcycle accident, it can be very important to have someone on your side. Legal representation that has experience and puts your interests first.

I found a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa that I think really fits the bill. KF&B can help take care of all the stressful legal matters while you just focus on recovering. There is so much peace of mind in knowing you don't have to worry about fighting insurance companies or trying to gather evidence yourself.

It can be especially difficult to navigate motorcycle accidents in Florida because it is one of the few states that does not require motorcycle riders to carry PIP insurance. KF&B still know how to navigate the process, communicating with the other party's insurance to ensure all your damages get paid, along with medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and whatever other costs may be necessary. 

Our family has never been in an accident, thank goodness, but I still find it very good to be prepared for such things, and I find the process quite interesting. We have needed to take legal action before, and having a lawyer that is specialized in the particular area makes all the difference. They have done this before. They know what to expect and have the experience to handle your case with confidence.

So, if you or someone you love rides motorcycles or needs an accident lawyer, I suggest doing your research. But I just thought we could all use a reminder to try to see things outside of how they affect us. We have to look out for each other more and have more compassion and understanding. We're all in this life together. We need to act more like it.

And, as always. Stay safe out there. And stay kind.

Pride LBTQ+ Makeup Tips for Your First Pride Event

Prepare your skin

One of the essential things to do before applying any makeup is to ensure that your face is ready. The first step is always to clean your face to remove any residue of dirt, oils, or any left-over makeup. Cleaning your skin well will help it glow and will ensure that you do not have a nasty breakout of pimples due to clogged pores. Once that is done, the next thing is to apply a face primer. This will help even out the surface of the skin and thus grant you a smooth appearance.

Use the right foundation

To achieve a polished look, you must select the right shade of foundation. One of the frequent skin mistakes that people often do is getting the wrong shade of foundation. Getting a shade that is either too dark or too light will leave your face mismatched, as compared to the skin on your neck or the hands. If in doubt, consult a professional who will help you pick out a foundation that suits your face nicely. Always remember to apply it evenly.

Select the right eye shadow

Pride events often give you the freedom to experiment with a lot of bold colors, such as bright reds, yellows and blues, and even neon types. If you wish to, you can use makeup to compliment your outfits, along with other accessories such as jewelry, handbags, or statement pieces. Eyeshadow in particular helps a great deal, as it comes in different shades and colors. For your pride makeup, you can even consider getting glittery eye shadow which will help to highlight your eyes. 

Person Wearing Sequin Outfit

Line your eyes 

Eyeliner is a simple but very effective addition to your makeup. When well done, it will help to make your eyes pop and give you that extra confidence boost that everyone needs. We know it may be a little intimidating trying to do a smooth cat eye on both ends, but you can just keep it simple. You do not necessarily have to start with a bold extravagant look, but you can just do a single smooth line, which will work just as well. Do not neglect your eyelashes also, as they help to frame your eyes. There is a wide variety of extensions available that you can try out. If you do not wish to get extensions then you may just keep it classy with a good mascara.

Some random tips 

Always have wet wipes with you, as these are essentially good to wipe off any smudges on your face in case you need to retouch your makeup. Put on waterproof makeup, as this will help it last longer throughout the day. Carry a bag of makeup essentials like a compact or lipstick, as these often come in handy when you need to redo your makeup or help another person out. At the end of the day, no matter how tired you are, ensure that you wash it all off, and moisturize for healthy, glowing skin.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Health Hurdles

Some of you may have noticed that in the past few months I have been very scare with posting here. I am sorry for that. There are several personal reasons that have kept me from being able to work. I am not able to share all the circumstances, but I can mention that I have had to go out of state for a while.

I had to spend some time in New Jersey, where my mother in law lives. She is in increasingly poor health, both physically and mentally, and now requires 24/7 care. Whenever we are able to be with her, I am her primary caregiver. In our absence, she has home health aides that stay with her around the clock.

Still, it seems that she will need even more care, that she may only be able to get in a live-in facility. This is obviously a huge decision for many reasons. Of course there is her health and happiness to consider. Those may be conflicting in this case. She would prefer to stay at home. But she is not really in a sound mind anymore, so she has a power of attorney and a healthcare proxy that can make these decisions in her best interest.

Of course, as much as it should not be a factor, financial matters also play a role in what options we    explore. My mother in law's health is the most important thing, but we need to do a lot of research and find a place that is, first and foremost, trustworthy and secondly that is covered by her insurance, or is worth the cost of going outside of insurance.

I have never needed any expertise in this area, so I have none. It is quite a tedious process and it can feel very overwhelming at times. I have done so many searches that words hardly seem real. Google, of course, medical articles, care facility websites, hospice, AHM, and much more.

The Average Cost of Hospice and Palliative Care

Still, it feels like we are only at the very start of this, and the road ahead seems long and bumpy. Aside from how draining and time consuming this process has been, there is also a mental hurdle to overcome. It has become hard to get back to this blog and anything else without feeling I am being selfish and not doing enough. 

I just wanted to let everyone know why I have been so bad about posting, and apologize, but also to say that, while I hope to get back to more frequent posts, that I am not sure that I will be able to for a little while longer.

Also, if anyone else is (or has) also going through this, I want to send my sincere support. Really, we all have invisible battles every day, and if you are struggling or just not at your best, please know that I care and I am wishing you the best. And that just getting up and continuing to try is such a huge victory. Things will get better. Stay strong, but it's okay not to be.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Summer Sips

When I think of "summer" I tend to think of the two and a half month time period where the kids are out of school. But, though my daughter returned to school today, summer is still going strong. According to the calendar, autumn doesn't begin until net month. Living in Florida, though, we have a lot more summery days ahead of us.

It is very easy to become so focused on all of life's responsibilities that you forget to sit back and enjoy whatever moments you can. I find the best way to do that is to bask in the things you enjoy. Be it a bubble bath, taking a walk, making your favorite meal (or ordering it) binge watching your favorite TV series or movies, or whatever else brings you moments of peace and joy.

Sometimes you need just a little bit more than those. I am not the biggest drinker, but once in awhile it is just what I need to stop my mind from racing over the stress that comes with day to day life. When I do indulge in a drink or two, I prefer to find special varieties. Something unique, an experience.

Melvin Brewing has been great for that. They have a huge selection of wonderful craft beers. They have several wonderful IPAs and some great pilsgnar options, but I am a huge fan of the Killer Bees Blonde Ale. It is a light, honey flavored blonde ale. Smooth, clean, easy to drink. Low in alcohol content (great so I can enjoy a few). Just an overall fantastic drink that I would highly recommend to anyone. 

These wonderful beers are the perfect choice for cookouts, parties, and get togethers of any kind, as well as gift baskets and housewarming presents. Anywhere beer is appreciated, these will up the experience. The packaging is really lively, as well, and adds great visuals to the mix, which might not be the most important aspect, but it certainly does not hurt.

I really love these designs. They remind me a lot of street art or old school graphic shirt designs. They are so unique and have a ton of personality. It just makes the who experience feel like an artistic expression.

Whoever you are and whatever you do this summer, or fall or winter, I hope you take some much needed (and deserved) breaks along the way, and maybe have a nice beer (or three) to help you enjoy the down time just a little bit more. 

One last thing, try to keep in mind, as life keeps throwing curve balls at us, that we are all doing the best we can. If you can, try to find ways to help your fellow humans have an easier time. And, if you can't, please don't be one of the things making it harder on them. We could all use a little more compassion, especially right now.

Life is hard enough when we're not battling each other just because we have been conditioned to see the small ways in which we are different more than the endless ways that we are all the same.