Friday, August 17, 2012

ProBar Fruition Review and GIVEAWAY!

I will admit I am not usually the kind of girl to eat healthy. I eat for taste, and so many healthy foods I have tried were so bad I could not even get them down. Talk about a breath of fresh air. Pro Bars are amazing. Not only are they incredible healthy for you, the taste so good, you won't even notice. I tried the Frutition bars, and let me tell you, they taste like real fruit. Why? Because they are made with real fruit. As well as nuts and seeds. They are certified organic and the Frutition bars are also Gluten-Free.How is that for super? Well it gets better, because they are made with Superfoods. They have antioxidants and Omega to keep you healthy, they are low in fat and calories to help keep you looking and feeling great. It's the best tasting better for you snack I have ever tried. Here is the rundown. Frutition bars come in 7 flavors:

Lemon -which I think is my favorite. It tastes so much like lemons, it is incredible. It's the only snack bar I have ever seen that tastes like lemon. 


Chocolate-Orange - Which is probably my second favorite. I love citrus flavors, and chocolate and orange go very very well together. Plus, who doesn't love chocolate?

Cherry - I guess would be third on my list in order. I have always been a cherry lover, and finding a snack bar that REALLY tastes like cherries is rare and wonderful.

Peach - is another wonderful flavor. Also a rare flavor for snack bars. And it is unheard of in a health food bar that tastes so amazing.

Strawberry - A classic choice for a snack bar, but never done like this until now. This tastes just like real fresh strawberries, but is way better for you.

Blueberry - Another classic for snack food bars, but once again, the real fruit taste this bar delivers is unmatched. The added nutrition makes it all the more wonderful. 

Cran-Raspberry - I was skeptical of this one at first because I am not the biggest fan of cranberries, but this is still wonderful. The raspberry stands out very well and makes this bar something really special.

 I really love how these bars are blended, not baked, so you get the whole goodness without loss of flavor, texture, or nutrition. This is the most unique texture for a bar I have ever had. They are very soft and chewy, but also chunky. It is very hard to describe unless you try them yourself(see giveaway below).
 Here is a picture of the Chocolate Orange so you can see the texture(as best as a photo can show)

  As you can see, there is real pieces of fruit and nuts in these bars, not mashed processed junk. I also really love how filling these bars are. When I saw the size I was worried(I love to eat), but one of these bad boys filled me up more than 2 other bars I used to eat. Which is great for watching your weight.

Now here is the part you've been waiting for. A chance for you to win a box of your won. Enter below. Good Luck. If you don't win or you just can't wait, use code "BLOGGER" on their site( to receive 40% off your order.


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  2. Chocolate Orange sounds really good.

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