Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rip It, Sip It, Win It at Chuck E. Cheese's

With the kids being on Spring Break, it is like a mixed blessing. I adore spending the extra time with my son, and my daughter loves having him around, but since this momma doesn't drive, it is sometimes challenging to find new things to do with the extra time.

Nothing is worse than wasting what should be special family time doing the same old things you always do. During the day we play outside on the trampoline and bounce house and such, and we do crafts inside, but when daddy is home, we like to go out and do something fun.

There is not a whole lot to do around here though. We mostly go for ice cream or something, which can get old fast. Thankfully a super fun spot recently opened in Port Orange, about 15 minutes from here. Chuck E. Cheese's is like the ultimate kid zone.
We took our son there for his birthday(about an hour away before this one opened), and he LOVES it. Little diva loves it too, and so do hubby and I. Our course, since this is a restaurant, there is tons of great food.
There of course are beverages too. And right now, the beverages are extra awesome, since there is a cool promotion, the Rip It, Sip It, Win It game.
Every cup is a winner! Each of us won 5 extra tickets. This is a great promotion. You should pop in to your local Chuck E. Cheese's and check it out. But hurry the promotion ends March 31st.

Of course the food and drink are just a part of the incredible experience. While it may be a small thing, I love that all the kids get free wrist bands. The kids loved that.

Right after we got there, Chuck E. Cheese himself made an appearance. The kids were so excited to see him, especially Jr. Chuck lead a game of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and he threw tickets for all the kids to catch. 

And then there are the games, which is what really makes Chuck E Cheese's so unique. There is so much to do at any age. My son did almost everything. And of course, little sis was in tow the whole time. She was fascinated with everything.

Both kids especially loved Fruit Ninja, it was played at least a dozen times between them.

The fun house photo booth was another favorite. My daughter especially wanted to stay there the whole time.
She was kind of too short to be in the right position though, both kiddos were in fact. They still had a blast in there though.

They couldn't stay in the fun house booth all day though, there was so much more to do.

One little girl discovered the slide, she didn't want to leave. Daddy had to stay with her there while Jr. did other things.

This was a photo ride, which is awesome. I love the pic it took.

There was a sketchbook booth too, like the Fun house one. We barely got a change to try it though, it was super popular. If the kiddos were taller it would have came out better.

The games wee all so much fun. I had a blast playing Ski Ball. I have not played that in forever. Hubby had a great time sharpening his sports skills and playing Deal Or No Deal.

And of course after earning so many tickets, it's time to redeem them, but first you have to deposit them all into the Ticket Muncher, the kids LOVE this part.
They earned 668 tickets(and actually more that I forgot they had in their pockets. We'll use them next time, lol) plus the 5 ticket bonuses from our Rip It, Sip It, Win It games. They each got a rainbow spring(the kind that "slink") and a huge multicolored Disney lollipop.

This was the perfect way to spend the day, the kids are already talking about going back. I can see we will be going A LOT now that it is closer to where we live. No complaints from me and hubby though, we love it almost as much as the kids do.

If you've never been to Chuck E. Cheese's or don't go often, I suggest you check it out soon. If you go in before March 31st you can take advantage of the Rip It, Sip It, Win It promotion.

*Although I received guest passes to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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