Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get In The Swing Of Baseball Season With Baby Fanatic

It's that time again. Baseball season is upon us, which means victories and losses, friendly (and not so friendly) team rivalries, pageantry, excitement an a whole lot of team spirit. If you are a fanatic like I am and my husband is, then you take team spirit to a whole new level. You wear it on your sleeve, literally, and anywhere else you can.

We are definitely proud fans, and having our clothes or accessories reflect that is important. Any chance we have to show our team loyalty, we take it. So when I saw that I could get MLB, NFL and other sports fan gear from Baby Fanatic I was super excited.

I wish I would have discovered this when my children were younger and still used bottle, pacifiers, bibs and all of the other cool items that Baby Fanatic offers. My little girl does use sippy cups though which just happens to be one of the great items available.

My daughter may not even know it yet, but she is a huge sports fan. Just being in this family makes her an inherent sports fan, and what better way for her to let that shine than with awesome fan gear sippy cups?

Since it is currently baseball season, of course, I went with hubby's and my team, the NY Yankees.
Now she can let her pinstripes show all season long. Of course I love the design, but I also love that they are BPA free and spill-proof. She spills enough already, so that helps me out a lot.

And although it's not football season yet, it always in in spirit in this house, so we had to get her NY Giants ones too.
She loves all of her new cups so much. Not only are they cute and new, but she feels special having something that no one else has. I told her they were her big girl cups, and she really likes that.
She's so proud of her cups. The fact that daddy loved them so much is what really makes her like them. He shows her his "matching" sports gear and she "watches" the games with us sometimes. It;s so fun sharing our passion with her and creating traditions. It's funny how something as simple as a plastic cup can be part of something so meaningful.

If you have a little sports fan in training, I highly recommend starting them off with Baby Fanatic. I am so impressed with their products and I know you will be to.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook too, so you never miss any of the action.

I'd love to know what team you support. Comment to show your team pride.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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