Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Live a No Barriers Live with Help From Nature Valley

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own.*

You only live once. That saying is used a lot in an attempt to push yourself to do something you normally wouldn't or justify doing things that maybe you shouldn't, but it definitely true. You really should be living your life to the fullest without endangering yourself or harming anyone else.

Life is entirely too short, and people often do not realize just how true it is until it's nearing the end. There are so many excuses as to why you can't do this or haven't done that. I am not criticizing, I make them too, way more often than I'd like to admit.

The problem with that is no one wants to look and reminisce about doing the laundry or running errands or watching some crappy reality show. It's the adventures that make life memorable(good and bad), and I am sick of only watching adventures on TV.

I have not had many adventures yet, but thankfully there is still time for me(God willing). I plan to take my life back and make it better than ever, and take my family along for the ride.

I was motivated by Erik Weihenmayer. I have been following Erik's journey on Tumblr and it is so inspiring. He has done so many incredible things, whereas I have never ventured out of my home state.

It is incredible to see his pictures and watch videos of him in the most breathtaking places in the world. It makes you really want to be there too.

Erik climbs mountains, goes kayaking(in the Grand Canyon) and so many other amazing feats that are mind blowing in themselves, but made nearly incomprehensible when you factor in that he is blind. I cannot do any of that, even with my sight. I am so moved my his dedication and his hunger for life. If everyone approached life that way, the world would be a much better place to live.

Currently, Erik is doing The “No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition”. It is a 21-day, 277 mile journey through some of the world’s most challenging whitewater terrain in the Colorado River. Erik Weihenmayer will be supported by an experienced paddling team, and joined by accomplished kayaker and Navy veteran Lonnie Bedwell.  Together, Erik and Lonnie will demonstrate the power of harnessing inner strength to overcome challenging barriers.

This expedition serves to inspire people to not limit themselves, eliminate barriers in their lives and live life to its fullest.  Nature Valley is joining Erik in inviting people to pledge to get out there and live a No Barriers Life.

From here forward, I vow to be more active, to seek more adventures and to never give up. While I will never be climbing Everest, I will do so metaphorically by overcoming my perceived limits and making the most of what I am capable of - to live a No Barriers Life.

There is an actual pledge to do this, that I have already taken. I hope that you will join me in taking the No Barriers Pledge.

Now that I am determined to overcome the mental barriers I had been playing the victim to, I can focus on the physical barriers. I am not the most athletic person. In fact, I am totally out of shape(aesthetically and in terms of ability). I get tired, I run out of energy, you name it, it happens. And on an adventure, those things slow you down and make you sloppy, which is a huge hindrance.

That is where Nature Vally comes in. Erik uses Nature Valley to fuel his epic adventures, and if it is good enough for him, I know it will work for me. I'm really glad that its Nature's Valley, too, because I already have that part mastered. I am a Nature's Valley addict. The Oats 'n Honey Granola Bars are one of my favorite snacks ever.

I would love to keep raving about my love of Nature's Vally and bragging about my great "talent" for eating Oats 'n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars, but life is waiting. There is an adventure out there, and I am going to find it. Thanks to Nature's Valley, my stomach is full, but I am still hungry for life. I can't wait to see what I can discover. #MyAdventure #GetOUTThere

I would love to hear about your adventures. Have you ever done something amazing? If you don't have anything notable so far, what do you plan to do?

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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