Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Homemade Without The Hassle

*This post was sponsored by Bear Creek Soups. All opinions are my own.*

I try my best to be supermom, I really do. I always have plans that I am going to make this and do that and cook this, and I am always foolish enough to think nothing will come up to get in the way. Then life happens. The kids destroy something that takes hours to clean or fix. I forget to buy or run out of a vital ingredient(while my husband is at work and I have no way to the store), I just lose track of time, and it get's too late to cook a real meal.

Whatever the reason, I end up feeling awful and end up cooking a frozen dinner or ordering pizza, which is fine sometimes, but I just want to be the mom that makes hearty, homemade dinners for her family. I just wish sometimes, there was a way to do that without spending hours peeling, slicing, chopping, cooking, etc.

That is why I was so happy to discover Bear Creek. Bear Creek began in simple country kitchen using homemade recipes and the finest ingredients to create soups and dishes that people adored. Word spread and people wanted to buy the dry mixes, so Bear Creek Country Kitchens was formed. Today, that same passion is used to bring these amazing home-style recipes to kitchens all over America, via your local store or delivered to your home with online ordering
I recently had the opportunity to try several Bear Creek products, and they more than exceeded my expectations for such a convenient product. I tried three products, and they were all delicious. I had Cheddar Broccoli Rice Mix, New White Cheddar Soup Mix and New Chicken With Pasta Soup Mix.

I know what you are probably thinking, I just went on about wanting to make homemade dinners for my family and here I am talking about dry mixes. Well I am, but these Bear Creek products are homemade, just not my home. The real, premium, ingredients, home-style recipes, and superior care that go into every Bear Creek product ensures that these products are home-made, only better.

Bear Creek dry mixes are so easy to prepare. All you have to do is add water and cook. They cook in under 20 minutes, and are rich, hearty and satisfying as a side dish, as a base for a recipe, or all on their own. Now, no matter how short on time I am, I can have an amazing meal for my family, right from the pantry. Since all I need is water, I will never have to worry about a missing ingredient.

Better yet, if I do want something that is more homemade, I can add my own ingredients to create a new recipe. Which is what I did for all of these delicious mixes.

For the Chicken With Pasta soup. This soup is so creamy and has spiral noodles and veggies. It has a really rich flavor that I love. I added rotisserie chicken. It made the soup much more filling, so it could be a hearty meal. I served it with yeast rolls, and it was delicious. My husband had 3 bowls full and asked for more, but between myself and the kids, there was none left. It was a huge hit and I will definitely make it again.

With the Cheddar Broccoli Rice, I made a casserole. I added cooked turkey breast, fresh broccoli, cauliflower and cheddar cheese, it was incredible. It is one of my new favorite meals. I love rice, and usually only serve it as a side dish, but making it the main course like this was great, such a good meal and it tasted like I made it all from scratch. 

With the White Cheddar Soup, I went for a loaded potato kind of thing. The soup already contains potatoes, but I added some rustic diced red potatoes and some cooked bacon. I topped it with shredded white cheddar and sour cream, it was so creamy, rich and indulgent. My husband said it was the best potato soup he has ever had, so I was very pleased.

I love being able to make real, delicious food for my family, even when I am short on time and ingredients, and even inspiration for that matter. I am so glad that I found Bear Creek products. Bear Creek does all the work and you get all the credit, what could be better than that?

If you are looking for great homemade meals and side dishes without all the work, you must give Bear Creek a try. If my picky family loves it, it really is amazing. You won't be sorry, not unless you dislike having more "free" time and being less stressed. Let Bear Creek make your like easier(and more delicious.)

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