Thursday, June 16, 2016

Back To Campus With At Home Stores

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of At Home and MomSelect. All opinions are 100% my own.*

With school being out, there is a lot of focus on summertime fun. I am all for fun and games, but I also like to plan ahead. Recent high school grads and current college students are enjoying the break from school, but it won't last long. Time always flies when you're having fun. Fall semester starts in just a few months.

Thankfully, there are "overbearing" moms like myself to start the preparations early. And it's nice to have stores like Home Goods, that have all the essentials all the time. We (my sister and I) recently visited our local Home Goods for the very first time. They have everything you could ever want to decorate and organize your home, office, dorm, etc. I am upset with myself for having not shopped there sooner.

At Home has so many wonderful accents and decorative items. I was so tempted to go on a spree and redecorate something (or everything.) However we were there for my sister, who is returning to college in the fall. Of course, I had to get some things too, though. The biggest issue in my home is the same as in dorm rooms - lack of space. I needed storage solutions, and I found just what my unorganized heaps of stuff needed. Best of all, I got it all at a great price.

We ended up choosing some of the same things. We both got an over-the-door, 24 slot (large), shoe organizer. Yes, I have several pairs of shoes. No, that is not what I used the organizer for. I hung it on the back of the bathroom door, and filling it with all my shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, body washes, face masks and so on.

It hold tons of stuff, stuff that used to live in cardboard (shipping) boxes that were stuffed wherever I could find room. I used to have to open a dozen boxes and search for an hour just to find what I needed. Now it is so easy, and it takes up way less space.

We also got some really cool collapsible storage cubes. They are made of fabric, but they are super sturdy and they are just the right size. They hold a good amount of stuff without taking up a lot of space. And they fold down when you are not using them, to take up virtually no extra space. Plus they are pretty stylish, at least I think so.

Right now I am using one of them for the beauty items that I just had to have, but have not gotten around to using, because I had them tucked away since December, since I had no place to put them. Just one of these cubes holds all 8 items with room to spare. I have plenty of plans for the other one, once I get more of my stuff out of the shed.

These adorable storage cubes look great almost everywhere. I can even just sit them under my coffee table and they look like they belong. They would be great to actually transport things during a move too. You can move your stuff and it will still be unpacked when you arrive. I need dozens more of these awesome cubes, and I desperately need one of the shelf things that these can go in. Looks like I'll be heading back to At Home in the very near future.

If you are looking to decorate or organize your home or office, or if you are sending a child off to (or back to) college or if you are a college student, you must check out your closest At Home store. At Home has put together a checklist for "back to campus" planning. It is very comprehensive, and I found it very helpful. You can download the checklist HERE.

I need all the tips I can get, so the checklist is awesome. I would love to hear your tips and ideas too. What are your best organization tips for home or dorm. Do you have tips to make moving in to a dorm easier? What is the most challenging issue you have faced in the move to college? How did you overcome it?

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