Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3 Tips on How to Give Your Partner a Simple Haircut

Haircuts are a recurring expense in most people’s budgets. You can save $480 a year by simply giving your partner a simple haircut. Knowing how to give a haircut takes a lot of practice. Using the right tools also helps in getting the right haircut. Whether you’re looking to save time or cut down on costs, here are some tips that will come in handy.
Know what your partner wants
While you may have been with your partner for years, you may not necessarily know what style they prefer. Before trimming their hair, have an idea of what he/she wants. It’s also important for your partner to be realistic with the type of haircut they expect. You cannot change their hairline or hair texture.
Your partner can either ask for a squared neckline or a tapered neckline. Tapered neckline follows one’s natural hairline, while the block hairline cuts straight across. Another way you can achieve a simple haircut is by asking your partner to bring a picture of their favorite hair style after a haircut. Pictures can be a great guide when you know what end result to expect.
Invest in a good clipper set
A good clipper set not only will help you achieve the best haircut, it can also last for over 5 years, making it a good investment. When shaving with hair clippers, ensure that you shave in the opposite direction that the hair grows. You can start at the sideburns and progress towards the back of your partner's head. Good hair clippers will give your partner an even cut. Move the clippers up and down and don’t forget to apply a bit of pressure to make sure your clippers get all the hair. You can start with a longer setting and switch to a shorter setting of clippers until you find a style your partner likes. If you discover that you haven’t trimmed enough after the first time, you can switch to a smaller guard and work your way down.
Work with dry hair
Before you start snipping, ensure that the hair is washed and dried and not just towel-dried. Clippers can be difficult to use on wet hair. With dry hair, you can measure your progress as you trim. Moreover, you get to see the results in no time. In addition, you can pat the hair into segments and handle each grouping on its own. Start at the bottom of the head and use the same guard length to achieve a standard length.  The teeth of the guard should face upward and slight pressure should be applied with every pass.
When it comes to giving your partner a haircut, simplicity is key. Don’t go crazy and try out something you saw on YouTube. Leave the rest to the professionals. Bring a mirror to check if the trim is straight.  If you’re looking for a more tapered haircut, use different guide combs in various lengths. Start with the longest part and work your way down.

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