Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide - My Little Veterinarian Kit

Do you have a little caregiver at home? I do. My little girl loves animals. She is always asking for one kind of pet or another and sticks like glue to any animal she comes into contact with. She is a "helper" too. Always trying to take care of people and things.

I recently found a great line of toy kits for her. My Little Medical School has 3 awesome kits. My Little Sports Medicine Kit, My Little Pediatrician Kit, and My Little Veterinarian  Kit. For my little animal lover, I chose the My Little Veterinarian Kit. She has mentioned wanting to be a vet when she grows up, so I know it would be perfect.

 The kit is so cute. It has a doggy patient, a workbook, a diploma, patient assessment forms, adoption certificate, glove, tweezers, tick stickers, dough and mold to make dog treats, a lab coat and more. I love all the content. It seems very thorough for a toy.

As expected, my little girl loves this kit. I love that it all fits inside the box it came in. It is sturdy and has a Velcro closure, so it works great for storing this set, and I know it will hold up for awhile.My daughter just cares about how much fun it is. And it did not disappoint.

She played with it for over 2 hours in one sitting. And she plays with it every day. She also keeps the doggy with her, pretty much at all times. It sleeps in her bed with her and she drops it off at "school" in the morning before she goes to school. 

I'm really glad the coat fits her. I was worried about that. My MIL got her a doctor kit like 2 years ago, and she was (already at that time) way too big for it. Some many play costumes are very small. This set is recommended for ages 6+ and she is 6 (and big for her age), she still has some room, so that is great.

In addition to the darling medical kits, My Little Medical School also sells an awesome helmet, the Brain Hat-ter. And it is designed like it sounds. It looks like a colorful model of the brain. So unique and fun.

Unfortunately, neither one of my kiddos knows how to ride a bike just yet, mostly for lack of anywhere safe nearby to ride. But they get taught bike safety and riding in PE at school and they bring a helmet for that. Both of them want this one, but my son has a larger head, and this seems to fit him better, so he got it. It is so cute that if I had a bike I would have kept it.

We are loving these products from My Little Medical School. I am probably going to get the other 2 kits, one for each kiddo, for Christmas. If you have a child that wants to help others/animals I highly recommend these kits.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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