Saturday, February 9, 2019

Dearfoams - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We all know Valentine's Day is nearly here. Everyone is busy making plans to go out. How about making plans to stay in? After all, Valentine's Day is about spending time with the one you love, you don't need an audience for that. Alone time is always good.

I don't mean alone time where you put on 5lbs of makeup and some uncomfortable lingerie. That can be great and all, but what is even better is being so comfortable with each other that you are just as happy with your partner in PJs and fuzzy slippers as you are with them in heels and a teddy.

And just because you are not going out doesn't mean there can't be gifts. In fact, give the gift of some amazing, cozy, slippers to get the evening off to a perfect start. Dearfoams has so many amazing choices, both for men and for women. After all, it's not just the women who should be receiving gifts on Valentine's Day. I feel like men are too often overlooked in that regard.

How great are those Fireside (moccasin) ones for men? And the fluffy pink booties! Those are my favorites. But the Ballerina Slippers are fabulous, and the Cable Knit Clogs are so comfy. With cozy (and totally stylish) slippers like these, you will never want to leave the house. But did you really want to leave the house anyway?

I won't keep gushing over these Dearfoams (even though I could), you obviously have a lot to do before Valentine's Day. You need to get some Dearfoams for your significant other (and yourself), rent the movies, buy the popcorn, chill the champagne (or beers, no judgement), and mentally prepare for a night that will knock your sippers off. Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies.

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