Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cinderella 70th Anniversary! Enter to Win A Copy

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the timeless Disney classic, Cinderella. I am literally shocked by that. I know it's been around as long as I remember, but I only just turned 31. To realize that this movie has been around more than twice as long as I have is incredible.

Think about how many generations have been touched by this magic tale. And it is still a staple in childhoods (and adulthoods) today. In honor of the 70th anniversary, Disney is opening the vault to release a special anniversary edition of the film.

Even if you already own it, this is not something to pass up. The anniversary edition will be 4k, the first time that Cinderella will be displayed in all her clearest glory. This special edition also contains Blu-Ray, DVD, and a Digital Code, so you wan watch anywhere, any time. Blue there is over 2 hours of bonus content. I love bonus content.

And, not to go off in a rant, but I wanted to say that everyone always says how great fairy tales, princess, etc, are for "little girls". They are great for EVERYONE. Young girls, old ladies, young boys, old men, IT DOES NOT MATTER! If they like it, it is great for them, and I want people to stop thinking that it is childish or feminine to enjoy stories that happen to have magic or female leads, etc.

I mainly say this because my son is turning 12 next month. The only three things he has asked for is 3 Disney DVDs, one of which being Cinderella. No one has specifically made any comments toward me/him about it. But I've seen things like "Oh, Elena is cool, but I have boys." So what? Why could a boy not watch a show about a female? There is literally no reason for them not to watch it or enjoy it.

Anyway, whether you are male or female (or both or neither) young or old, you all have the opportunity to love this amazing movie, and you all the the opportunity to win a copy. I am giving away 2 copies. Simply enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.

*Although I received this movie at no cost, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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