Thursday, March 19, 2020

Productivity from Uncertainty

We all find ourselves in the midst of uncertain times. While we adapt to the changes in our every day lives, we must try to find the good. It is important that we not let our spirit be dulled by any "missing out" mentality. Instead, we should focus on all the ways that we can benefit from the time away from work and other other social situations we would otherwise be in.

One of the best ways I can think of, besides finding ways to help others, is to complete tasks we have otherwise been putting off. For me, that is home improvement projects. It is the perfect time to organize, de-clutter, deep clean, decorate, or renovate your home.

I have a significant amount of de-cluttering and deep cleaning to do. I will be sorting through our surplus of toys, clothing, and more, thinning the herd and deciding on what we can donate. I love to donate anything we don't need. Not only does it help me keep our home less cluttered, it makes me feel a little better knowing that just maybe something we donated can help someone else, even if only slightly.

Once I finish the de-cluttering, organizing and deep cleaning, I plan to seek out other home projects to keep me busy and productive. I hate feeling aimless, even if I usually love to procrastinate, too. I am odd in that way. Anyway, some other projects I have in mind are finishing our front porch. It is "completed" already, but I feel like I could make it much better.

Specifically, I would love to fully enclose it, and add a screen. And then of course add tables, chairs and the whole lot, to make it a nice gathering area. We gather out there all the time as it is, but I would love for it to feel more cozy and inviting.

After the front porch, I would love to do something to the back porch. It is not enclosed at all, but it is set up perfectly to add a deck or something. We already have a lot of deck & dock supplies, so we wouldn't need much to begin. I think having that kind of added space in the back would really open it up and make it another nice gathering area. As it is, we don't use the back yard much, but it is quieter (since our front porch is closer to the road) and larger. Once we get it overhauled, I know it will be wonderful.

And of course, I, as we all should, will use this time to work on myself. To think of the ways I can be there for others, build my children's' character and self esteem, to teach them life skills and make memories and be grateful for all the things we have. I will use the time to appreciate my family and all the blessings we have. To be proud of the people they are and to try to be proud of the person I am. We will get through this, and we will come out stronger than ever. Take care of yourselves.

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