Sunday, June 14, 2020

It Really is a Craft

Just because more things are opening up does not bean that COVID has gone away. In fact since "phase 3" efforts have started, cases are on the rise. People are trying to go out and socialize and do things just for the sake of doing them.

I get it. We, as a species, crave companionship and interaction. It is natural, but we still need to use caution and stay home when we can. As an introvert, I am always down to stay home, but more than that, I just appreciate having a chance to relax and enjoy a little extra leisure time. Netflix and I are having quite a good time together.

I do more than Netflix, of course. There is also Youtube. So clearly, I am being very productive. I've recently found Melvin Brewing and I am really enjoying all the videos. They are super interesting, way more than I thought they would be. I am just starting to learn more about craft beer, and there are so many different kinds and methods and it's really neat.

It's cool how anything can be art, in a way. Fashion, cooking, beer. Anything. There are so many kinds of talent and self expression and I just love getting to learn about them. That's what is so cool about craft beer. I love that attention to detail and high standards of quality. And I love the uniqueness and the passion and supporting real people and small businesses over huge corporations.

If we ever needed a really good craft beer, this is the time. We could all take a little time calm our nerves with a nice, refreshing, craft beer and use our extended isolation time to reflect and grow and find ways (small or large) to make the world a little bit better for our fellow humans.

I know it's small, but I plan on spreading the love for Father's Day. I want to show all the dads in my life a little extra love and make sure they know that they are still appreciated, no matter how hectic or grim the world can sometimes seem. I know my own dad will be getting some cool craft beers from Melvin Brewing. The Killer Bees is his favorite.

My brother will be getting the same. Well, not the same. He's getting Back in the Haze. That's more his speed. I love how amazing the cans are. Another form of art. It makes me want some just to display or something.

Whether drinking to yourself, your father, or just waking up to another day in this sometimes hard, always crazy, but potentially beautiful world, take a little extra time to savor the flavor and all the heart and soul and passion that goes into it. Take a little extra time to appreciate the art and make a toast to doing better and being thankful and enjoying life.

Take care of yourself, take care of others, and take a sip of a delicious craft beer. Drink it all in. We'll get through this like we always have and maybe this time we'll learn something and come out for the better. Until next time, take care.

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