Saturday, December 5, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide - Janie's Cakes

The holidays this year are going to be a lot different than many previous years. This pandemic has affected us all, in so many ways, and it continues to make its mark on us, by changing how we can celebrate. It is going to be hard, of course. Maybe physically, definitely emotionally, but there will be challenges that are unique to this year.

That doesn't mean, however, that we cannot celebrate, or that the holidays will be any less special than they always are. We just have to adjust and keep a proper perspective. But the holidays are not canceled. And just because we have to find a more socially distant way to spend time with our loved ones, doesn't mean we won't be with them in the way that really matters.

One thing that we always do is bake. We bake a ton of treats and then we go and deliver them to our relatives and friends that are near by. It is still safe to do that! Just instead of greeting them with a hug or going inside to chat for a bit, you can leave them outside the door. And just because you don't chat face to face doesn't mean you can't video chat with them and have just as meaningful of an interaction.

If you do not want to deliver home made baked goods, or have people further away and don't want to ship them, there are other ways to send home made goodness to the people you care about. Janie's Cakes is a great way. I had one of her amazing cakes on Thanksgiving (yes, Keto had to wait a few days). It was literally, no exaggeration, the best pound cake I have ever had.

We had the Italian Jane, which is Vanilla pound cake, filled with Italian buttercream, and topped with toasted pecans. So incredible.

It was decadent, but still somehow light enough that you could have a large piece and not feel like it was too sweet. Although, perhaps from a weight aspect, that is a drawback. If it is, that is the only one you'll find with this cake. It was divine. 

If you looking for a food gift to send, or a dessert for your own family gathering (immediate family, your own household, please, so we can beat this), I cannot recommend something higher than a cake (or 5) from Janie's Cakes. There will be one of these cakes on my holiday table every year form now on.

That is one thing to try to keep in mind throughout all this. While having to make changes may seem inconvenience, you may end up finding something that becomes a new tradition. Familiarity is great, of course, but change can be good sometimes, even if it comes from something that isn't good. Growth can be an amazing gift too.

Stay healthy, safe, socially distant, and stay thankful. The holidays will still be happy.

*Although I received this product at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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