Friday, March 24, 2023

Easter Gift Guide

Spring is here! (In Florida, at least) and it's time to celebrate. With Easter on the horizon, I am happy to share this list of the best gifts and entertaining options.

Mackenzie Limited

With delectable treats like Petit Fours, Cake Truffles, and decorated Sugar Cookies, Mackenzie Limited has everything you could want to fill your Easter Baskets. Their delicious baked goods are also perfect for entertaining, like the beautiful and indulgent Easter Basket Cake. Moist yellow cake with rich buttercream, beautifully decorated to be the perfect centerpiece to any Easter gathering.
Easter Basket Cake

Number 4

My favorite basket stuffers are ones that are both fun and practical. Number 4 Hair Care has that taken care of. With their premium hair and body care items. Not only will they ensure you put your best foot (or head of hair) forward at all your Easter festivities, but the convenient travel-sized bundles - like Glow and Grow Set - are the perfect size for Easter baskets. They also have full sized sets, like the Fleurs De Temps Body Care Set.

Red Chocolate

Chocolate is a must for any Easter Basket. But what f you are trying to cut down on sugar? Well, Red Chocolate has the solution. Their decadent chocolates have al the flavor with none of the (added) sugar. That's right, NO SUGAR ADDED. These lower calorie chocolates are almost too good to be true. But thankfully they are real and can grace an Easter basket near you! The single serve Grab N Go Bars are especially perfect for Easter Baskets.

Chef Life

For us, Easter is actually one of the 'biggest' holidays of the year. We have a yearly family gathering that tops even Christmas in terms of entertaining. Therefore, a lot of cooking is involved. It's a feast, really. Because of that, cooking essentials are always required to pull of Easter properly. Chef Life has a fabulous Cooking Oil Trio Gift Pack. From drizzling to sizzling and everything in between, the Trio Gift Pack includes our Cooking Oil for high heat cooking, frying, sautéing, or baking, Blending Oil for marinades, dressings, aioli’s, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for finishing dishes.

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