Thursday, November 30, 2023

Nadine West - November

Hello, lovelies, it is once again time for my favorite part of the month: diving into my pretty, pink Nadine West package. I just love seeing what my stylist chose for me and discovering all the great pieces I never even knew I was missing. 

First up is this simple yet fun gray tank top. 
It is made of a comfortable stretch fabric that makes it hug your body for a sinched look. Perfect under a cardigan or a sheer blouse. 

Next we have the aforementioned cardigan. Or something to that effect. This sheer shall, with its fun pattern and ultra-thin material, is a winner any time of year. 

We follow that with a gorgeous black and white dress. I love the cut on this one and the pattern. It almost looks 3D but still manages to be very elegant. It would look beautiful under a classic black blazer, or super sleek dressed down over black leggings or jeans. 

Speaking of jeans, we've made it to that portion of the shipment. We have these awesome black stretch jeans. I love the style and how comfortable they are. They don't have the chunky waistband that some of the other styles of jeans have. I prefer the sleekness of these. The only thing I would change is them having front pockets (they don't.) 

As much as I would love to wear jeans for any and all occasions, sometimes you need dressier pants. Like these beautiful black slacks. All the comfort of a stretch waist with none of the aesthetics. If your shirt covers it, no one would ever know. Plus, they have front pockets. 

I love that the items (almost always) make a coordinated outfit right out of the bag. How cute does this look together? 

Complete the look of these smashing ensembles with a little bit of sparkle, courtesy of this scintillating silver necklace. 

I'm sure you can see why I am head over heels for Nadine West and why you should sign up to get your own pretty pink package right away. The fact that there is no styling fee and no charge for anything you don't want, return shipping is even covered if you keep just one of the items. No risk all reward. 

When you do take the plunge, I want you to come back to the comments to tell me how much you love it. Until next time, lovelies. Take care. 

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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