Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: ANATOMIE Designer Activewear Review

As the mother of two very rambunctious kiddos, I am constantly on the move. Between cooking, cleaning, playing, chasing, and everything else I do on a daily basis, I find that my sense of style really pays the price.

I have always been very passionate about my personal style and focused a great deal on how I looked(not that it helped much). In my mind, I am still that way, but my appearance certainly does not reflect it. When I am just staying around the house, it is a miracle if I am not in pajamas or sweats.

Part of the reason I don't try to wear nice clothes around the house is because every day without fail I end up getting covered in something. Whether it is food that I am cooking, the mess I am trying to clean, the cleaner itself or one of the various unidentifiable sticky messes transferred to me by my kids, one thing is consistent, it is never good for my clothing.

As bad as it is that I usually look like a bum in my own home, if I was to wear all my "nice" clothing here, it would all get ruined and I would look terrible even when I did try to "dress up".

Another very important reason I wear such frumpy clothing at home is comfort. Not so much that I need to feel cozy or anything like that, but I need to be able to reach and bend and carry and chase and everything without my clothes being a hindrance.

and lastly, I stick to my "mommy clothes" in order to remain demure. The last thing I need is to bend over for one of my kiddos only to have something pop out. Too many times "nice" clothing also means revealing, and not only do I not want that image for myself, I also feel very uncomfortable in clothing like that.

I have been feeling bad about how I let my style slip away from me, right now especially. It is the time of year that is the most hectic with school, holidays, entertaining, etc. As if the chaos of this time of year wasn't enough, it is also the time most focused on family gatherings and photos, making it that much more important to look your best.

Having said all that, I realized that there had to be better way to fit my functionality needs as well as my style I did some searching, and I actually found it. ANATOMIE Designer Activewear.

Just as the name says, ANATOMIE is designer activewear. Meaning it is every bit as stylish as runway fashions and infinitely more practical. The ANATOMIE philosophy is "Functional Fashion", and it fits perfectly. I couldn't describe it any better than that.

As soon as I saw the gorgeous pieces on their website, I knew that ANATOMIE was perfect for me. If I did not know that these were functional items, I would assume it was just another stunning designer collection. The fashion certainly does not suffer in order to balance the function.

I got a top and a pair of pants, and they are both fantastic.

Monte Carlo Long Sleeve Top(in Navy):
The "white" part is sheer, so this is to be work over a tank or camisole. Whit the shirt being partially sheer, I was a bit concerned that the shirt would be stiff or flimsy feeling, but it actually feels amazing. It is soft and slightly stretchy so it moves with your body and looks flattering even if you can't be posed like a Barbie doll.

I really like that is is ling(but not too long) I don't like worrying that my whole shirt will ride up if I bend over or life my arms. I also love that it is high cut over the bust, but the neckline is open enough that it does not look to stuffy. 

Madonna Stretch Woven Cargo Pants(in Navy):
These pants are fantastic. They are my new favorite pair. They are so comfortable. The stretch so they form fit without being too tight. They stay up, which seems like a given, but is quite rare. Almost all the pants I would give a little show if I bend over, these stay exactly where they are supposed to be.

I love the zippered pockets, it is just a little extra detail to make these look more stylish and give them more of a younger feel than a dress style pant.
The wide flare at the bottom is what I love most though. I adore flared pants, and these are very nice. They are not overly large, but they are not too small either(many so called "flared" pants look like boot cuts).

These are on the level of yoga pants in terms of comfort and flexibility. I can do anything in these pants. I could even do a split.

What is best about these two pieces, though, is how fabulous they look together.
It is a demure, yet stylish and feminine look. Good-bye "hobo" look, hello ANATOMIE style!

Best of all, even my husband noticed and said I looked fantastic. He even wanted to take a photo of his own.
It's not like he never compliments me, but it is rare that he will say something specifically about an outfit. Most compliments are usually toward me in general. When he emphasizes something specific, it is a big deal.

Now my only problem is I need some more ANATOMIE items to complete my wardrobe, because I am totally hooked now.

If you are in need of functional fashion or just fashionable fashion, then ANATOMIE is perfect. With the holidays on our heels, check out ANATOMIE for fabulous gifts or gorgeous clothing that will make you the center of attention at any holiday gathering. With style like this, though, any day will feel like a holiday.

*Although I received these items at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*


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