Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Wishes - Velvet Eyewear Review & GIVEAWAY!!

It is finally the time of year that you have all been waiting for: the Christmas Wishes giveaway event! Did you think I meant the holidays? Okay, well that too, but Christmas Wishes is the place to get all the most amazing gift ideas, and to win the gifts too! Let's get started...

The weather might be getting colder, even frigid in some places, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look hot. In fact, in Florida, it still feels hot, but no matter how cold it gets, I still want to look hot(the best I can with what God gave me).

Since there is not much I can do about my looks, I try to look my best whatever ways I can. To me, that is through my sense of style. The biggest ways that I can show my personality and boots my confidence is with fabulous accessories. The mos important of which(to me) is sunglasses.

Sunglasses(or prescription glasses) are the only accessory that a person wears on their face. They are one of the first things a person will see when they look at you. Basically they are your first impression, so it has to be a good one.

I have had a great deal of trouble in the past, finding a great pair of sunglasses. My eyes are kinda small, but my face is roundish and I could never find the proper shape to suit my face. It was a nightmare. It got to the point that I stopped trying and never even wore sunglasses, which is practically self-torture in this hot(and bright) Florida sun.

I knew that a nice pair of sunglasses that actually fit and looked good, would be one of the best gifts I could hope for, and figured that most women would agree, so I had to find the perfect pair for Christmas Wishes. It must have been a holiday miracle, because I was able to do just that. It all started with finding the right company.

Velvet Eyewear is luxury that is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable. All of the Velvet Sunglasses and Optical frames are manufactured in Italy offering outstanding quality, craftsmanship, and materials.

All the styles are influenced my iconic American fashion and the brain child of Founder and Creative Director Cynthia Hussey. Her designs are elegant yet sassy, for a truly timeless style. Like all good things, Velvet is more than just beauty, it's intelligence and practicality, which comes in the form of the BB lens.

The Velvet BB Lens is an exclusive sunglass lens that is formulated with specific attributes that block out 100% of harmful UV rays, and reduce heat and eye strain. Velvet’s BB Lens Sunglass Protection helps prevent crow’s feet, fine lines, and the effects of aging in and around the eyes caused by the environment. When worn regularly, the BB Lens can slow down the signs of aging and Block in Beauty.

All the protection, high quality craftsmanship and stunning styles mean nothing if you can't find a pair that works for you though. That was my concern. I fell in love with Velvet as soon as I discovered the site, but feared my theoretically relationship with Velvet would end in heartbreak when they would inevitably let me down as all the others had.

I don't like to be wrong, but in this case, I am very clad my fears were unfounded. I choose the Janis sunglasses in black, and I must say, even my very high standards were greatly exceeded by these gorgeous sunglasses.

I love that they are transparent black, so they are softer. They look much more elegant that opaque black plastic. These just look so classy and stylish. I am in love with them. I never thought it was possible to be so attached to a pair of sunglasses, but these are special.

They fit my face perfectly. They are just the right shade, bold, but not too flashy. I actually like they way I look in them, which is amazing, since I never like the way I look, with or without sunglasses.

Like I mentioned before though, these are so much more than a stunning accessory, they are serious protection for my eyes. Not only to protect my eyes from signs of aging, but to protect my vision, which definitely needs protection. I had horrible vision until about 2 years ago. I literally could not see my hand in front of my face(not clearly).

I had Lasik, and now I can see nearly perfectly, but was told it was very important to wear sunglasses every time I am outdoors. I had not complied very well until I got these, and I really wish I had. The sun is horrible to my eyes, and they seem more sensitive to the sun after the surgery. And now it seems even bright screens(for long periods) really upset my eyes.

I certainly do not want to damage my eyes after finally getting them to work properly. I had vision problems since I was a kid. If I can protect my "new" eyes by simply rocking a stylish accessory, why would I not? Not only does this protect my eyes from damage, they make it easier to see in the sun, no unattractive squinting. They even help keep the heat out. Literally my eyes feel cooler, which is amazing.

I could seriously rave about Velvet all day long, and every word would be the truth, but none could every truly do justice to have fantastic these sunglasses are. It almost sounds generic for me to be speaking such praise, but they really are that wonderful.

I don't think you should take my word for it though, You need to get your own pair. It will be one of the best presents you could ever get yourself, or anyone else. You may not even have to buy them, since Velvet has been so generous as to host a giveaway for a stunning pair of  their Ava Turquoise Lava sunglasses(A $165 Value!). Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

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