Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Wishes - Portagio Together Tote Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Have you ever shopped for a woman you don't know super well? How about a woman you do know very well, but have no idea what to get her? I am sure we have all been there. I find it is usually fairly easy for me to choose something the recipient will like, but something they will like and something they don't already have(some variation of) and they will actually get use out of are two different things.

I have quite a lot of women on my list every year, and I always have tons of ideas, because they like what I like for the most part. The problem is that they also pretty much have what I have, which is tons of beauty products and fragrances and accessories and candles and other such items that are so convenient for gifting.

I don't want to give someone just another version of an item that they have 14 others of already. I was well on my way to doing just that again this year, when thankfully, I found something more more suitable. The Together Tote from Portagio Bags is fantastic.

You may be thinking : "A tote, really? What is so special about that?" If you are, that is totally understandable, because I would probably think the same thing if I did not know better. The Together Tote is so much more than just a tote.

The Together Tote makes staying organized easy. I am basically one of the most unorganized people on the planet, and even I was able to bring a small measure of order to my life thanks to the Together Tote. It is practically a life saver for me.

Calling it a life saver might sound a bit exaggerated, and maybe it is, but only slightly, because it legitimately is a sanity saver. You see whenever we go anywhere with the kids for more than a few minutes, they are complete terrors. My son has autism and my daughter shows many signs of having it as well, at least in social aspects.

Therefore in any public location, they need all their surroundings to be very closely controlled to not cause sensory overload for them. Meaning things like their iPads or learning tablets, headphones, and other such items of comfort, as well as their specific foods and drink pouches(the only thing my son will drink) need to be at arms length at all times.

In the past, I wold always have to carry two bags. Literally, I would be walking around with two different, fairly large purses full of all  of their stuff(and still had no room for my stuff). Not only does that look ridiculous, it is very impractical. I would always have to dig through 2 different bags to find what they were asking for, which took longer.

Even more of a hindered is that having both hands/arms full like that made it very difficult to pick up my daughter when she needed me to, which is fairly often. Either I would have to set them on the ground multiple times, or I would hold her and them, and the bags would be smushing her and making her very uncomfortable(and therefore irritable).

Last year for the holidays, we visited my husband's family. It was the first time I had even met them, and my first impression was soiled because I was lugging around two bags. They saw it as me being some kind of supermom or something, which I am very grateful for, but to me it was just embarrassing.

We are visiting again this year, and thankfully, I now have my beautiful Together Tote. Now I can fit all of the kids' things, plus my little bit of cosmetics and such I need to not look like walking death. Not only will I be more capable with only one thing to carry, I will be more efficient since the Together Tote keeps me so organized, I won't have to dig to find anything.There are tons of pockets and compartments, everything has a designated space.

The Together Tote really shines by taking all that practicality and functionality and disguising it in high end style. The Together Tote looks as good as a tote from a designer brand. It really is beautiful. It's not just nice for an organizing tote, it's a beautiful bag that happens to be great for organizing. I got it in black and I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely it is.

Does it not look like it could be a high end designer bag? It does, that barbecue it is high end quality. The handles are and trim genuine full grain leather, the body is bonded nylon, which is water a stain resistant. That feature in itself is huge for me. With my kids, it would be ruined within a week if not for the water/stain resistant aspect.

As gorgeous as the outside of this tote is, the inside is just as nice, which is a testament to the overall quality. Many bags just neglect the inside as if it were not important. I love the contrast of the golden lining to the dark black of the outside. Gold just screams luxury to me, especially with how beautiful the fabric is.

Nothing was overlooked on the Together Tote. Boasting a removable, adjustable strap, pivoting strap attachments to eliminate twisting, 5 deep interior pockets, 2 interior bottle pockets, 2 exterior side compartments, 1 exterior slide pocket, 2 zippered compartments(i interior and 1 exterior) and a leather key fob. It has everything you could need and more.

Now that i have mentioned why I need the Together Tote, I need to mention why it is perfect for every woman, not just myself. It carries everything. If she needs a baby(diaper) bag, the Together Tote is perfect. It holds everything and is way more stylish and durable than a traditional diaper bag.

If the woman you are shopping for does not need a baby bag, perhaps she needs a business bag. Together Tote is sleek and professional, and hold everything she needs.

If she doesn't need a business bag, she might be into yoga or Pilates or something similar. In which case she needs a workout bag.

If none of the others are fitting, perhaps she likes to travel. No one likes to pay to check a bag, so carry-ons are a must. The Together Tote was tailor made to be the perfect carry-on bag.

No matter who she is or what she likes to do, every woman needs a go-to bag that can hold their necessities, hold up to wear and tear and hold their look together with amazing style. The Together Tote does all of that. If you have a hard to shop for woman on your list, you cannot go wrong with this amazing bag. All you need to know is which color to get. With size to choose from, it's pretty hard to get that wrong.

Since Portagio Together Totes are so great at organizing, Portagio has been generous enough to take it a step further and organize a giveaway for you all. One lucky winner will receive their very own Together Tote in black(A $129 value). Enter below for your chance to win and don't forget to enter all the other Christmas Wishes giveaways HERE. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I like that the main body part is stain resistant.

  2. I like that it has a light color material for the inside.

  3. I love that the handles are leather, but the rest of the bag is stain and water resistant! That's a winning combo!

  4. I like the way it looks and the leather handles make it look high end.

  5. I like that it holds a lot of items and is very useful while still looking fashionable.

  6. I love the way it looks! I have a few totes and not 1 of them look like this! Its fashionable!

  7. I love that not only is it an EFFICENT way travel but also very STYLISH!!

  8. Water and stain resistant sold me!

  9. I love the amount of space and it is stain resistant.

  10. I love the organization it provides and all of the space! This is great. Thanks! :)

  11. I love that is water & stain resistant! That means a lot to me!

  12. I like the pockets and compartments -- that's mainly what I use anyway. Especially the exterior ones!

  13. i need a bag that has organizing capabiities and this fits the bill

  14. I love the different compartments and the adjustable strap.
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  15. I love how much it holds and organizes.

  16. I like that it has so many pockets and sections!

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  17. I like that you can virtually use this bag for anything, from a diaper bag to a work bag! It's got pockets for pretty much anything, and it's stylish to boot!

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