Thursday, December 19, 2013

Be a Hero, Hire a Hero. #WWEmoms Twitter Party Tonight!!

With my dear husband having diligently served our country during Operation Dessert Storm, risking his life for the safety of me and my family, long before I ever met him, this is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

I have tremendous respect and gratitude for each any every man and woman who is serving(or has served) our country. I had actually given great thought to enlisting myself when I was a teenager, but then I met hubby(at 16) and started a family. Although I am extremely happy with my life now, I still wish I could have served, just so that I could be giving back a some of the effort that has been given to ensure my freedom.

At the very least, I always do as much as I can to support our troops. Whether or not you agree with the wars(current or previous), our soldiers should always be respected and supported. Whether is is sending a card or care package, for the holidays, or just to say thank you any time of year. or it is donating to one of the numerous organisations that support our troops, or visiting the VA and lending a helping hand or receptive ear, or using your voice to support a cause that helps countless heroes all over the country, like Hire Heroes USA.

As the saying goes, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". While that is obviously a saying from the Marine Corps, it is true of all branches of military. Once a Hero, always a Hero. Why wouldn't anyone want an employee with the dedication, character, strength, bravery, honesty and integrity that are indicative of military veterans?

These men and women have risked their lives and spent countless days way from their families, and often when the return home, they find themselves struggling to obtain employment. I cannot express how wrong that is to me. They should be at the top of the list. Thankfully there is an organization like Hire Heroes USA that helps unemployed veterans find jobs- good jobs.

Even better, the team is comprised of Veterans, so they are uniquely qualified to teach these veterans self-marketing skills and help network then into good jobs with great companies. The personal approach makes it incredible effective, and there is a confirmed 9 veterans hired every week. There is always room to improve, and with your help, Hire Heroes USA can expand and help even more veterans.

Tonight WWEmoms will be having a Twitter Party to raise awareness of the Hire Heroes USA program and help gain support. I will definitely be attending, and I really hope that you will join me to support this incredible worthy cause.

Join WWEmoms for a
When: TODAY, Thursday, December 19, 2013
7 - 8 pm ET
4 - 5 pm PT

Hire Heroes USA (HHUSA) is dedicated to transforming military service into civilian success for our nation's veterans and their spouses. Join hosts @WWEmoms and @snowinRI TODAY at 7pm ET as we learn more about this valuable program and look at the ways in which we can all lend our support!
RSVP and join the chat for a chance to win a Longchamp tote bag, an iPod Nano, or a WWE 2K14 video game for Xbox 360!

(You must RSVP and attend the party to be eligible for a prize.)

Email subject line: WWEmoms
Spread the word and RT this link on your Twitter feed: 
Join us on TweetDeck or HootSuite (#WWEmoms) today between 7 and 8pm ET
Tell your Twitter followers!    

I wish that my hubby had access to something like this when he got out of the service. He has a job that pays well enough, be he has t work his butt off for long hours in any harsh weather for that. He deserves much better, as to all heroes. I love my dear husband and am so thankful for his service and for the service of all or military men and women, active duty and veterans. Thank you all!

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