Sunday, March 22, 2015

Is Your Home Safe?

I'll be the first to admit, that I have actually never really worried about the safety of my home. It's probably from growing up in a not-so-safe neighborhood, and having a mother who still never seemed to worry for our safety. We slept with windows not only unlocked, but wide open(for "cool" air since we had no AC).

I really can't explain it. My family is my whole world, and of course I never want any harm to come to them, or even to myself, who I really have no worry for, but still I never feel that we are unsafe. Even after we had a break-in attempt last year.

I assume we were home(sleeping) when the attempt happened. We never even heard anything, only saw the damage to the back door(the next day or a couple days later. We rarely use the back door, so who knows. The door jam was all carved out and there were gashes in the deadbolt. The back door screen was off and the plastic that holds the screen was broken, and the window above the kitchen sink was missing a screen as well.

Someone obviously tried to get in the house. Thankfully, the windows were locked and the door and deadbolt apparently were secure. We called in a report and the person was eventually arrested, but only charged with the other break-in he had done(of which there were many), since he did not actually get in, it would have only been a misdemeanor apparently.

Still, I was not afraid. Feeling safe should be a good thing of course, but one can never be too careful, and I don't want to be lackadaisical and have it lead to harm for my family. I am trying to get more serious about our safety, not only from break-ins, but from anything that can cause us harm.

I discovered MBIntel, and was pleased to discover they offer a FREE Home Risk Analysis. I answered all the questions, which too about 15 minutes, and was provided with my personal results in my security, safety and emergency preparedness.

The questions are very thorough and really made me realize there are MANY factors when it comes to safety.

The results are broken into three categories: Good, Average and Poor. It turns out that my security is Average, my safety is Average and my emergency preparedness is Poor, which was very eye opening to me. Clearly, I want to score "Good" in all categories, but average can be acceptable, but discovering that I am not prepared for emergencies is not okay.

The questions alone really made me realize how unprepared I am. For example I do not have emergency food or water stored, or multiple first aid kits in different locations, or a set emergency plan(known to the family). There is a myriad of things that I should have already been doing to keep my home and family safe, and I feel horrible for being so unprepared.

I am so glad I took the Safety Analysis. I could never forgive myself if anything happened to my family because I was not doing everything I can to protect them.

So whether you have worried for your safety in the past, or after reading this, you now are, or     even    if you still don't think you are at risk, I highly recommend getting your FREE Home Risk Analysis. You have nothing to lose, but you may just save your life or the life of someone you love. Even if you are doing everything right, this will give you peace of mind.

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  1. Im taking steps to get my family prepared - thanks for the info