Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown Available Now! #WWEMoms

*I am a member of #WWEMoms, and I received a copy of The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Anyone who knows me at all or has followed my site knows that I am a huge WWE fan, and that I have been since before I can remember. I only talk about it every chance I get. Perhaps it is not as well known that I am also obsessed with The Flintstones.

 My parents watched The Flintstones when they were children, and then shared the wonderful series with me and my siblings when we were growing up. Now that I am a mother, I am thrilled to share The Flintstones with my children.

While the original version is timeless, I am really excited about the newest Flintstones adventure, which combines the beloved Bedrock gang with the added excitement of WWE superstars. The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown is newly available in a Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital HD combo pack.

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy for review since I am a (very proud) #WWEMom. I made the mistake of telling the kids in advance that we were getting it, and because of that, I was question dozens of times a day about when it would arrive. When it did, I was basically tackled by my son(and daughter following suit) so that he could watch it immediately.

I had planned for us to watch it as a family, since even my husband loves The Flintstones and, of course, is a WWE fan. My son would not wait, so he watched it first in his room, and I could hear him laughing and clapping several times. He is autistic and claps when excited, and it sounded like he was beatboxing, he was having a blast.

I decided that the rest of us would watch it that night, and assumed he would do something else since he had just watched it, but he watched it again with us, and he was still as enthusiastic( aka loud) as the first time. Our daughter, while only 3 and not fully capable of following the plot entirely, loved it as well. she loves WWE too, believe it or not, she loves to watch the "fall down", so the wrestling parts were especially fun for her.

The story is really good. Fred loses the family vacation money, so he talks Barney into becoming a pro wrestler, where he ends up facing the likes of John Cena(stone), The Undertaker and more. Even Vince McMahon(McMagma) has a role in this film. It is so fun to see all the WWE Superstars as Bedrockin' cartoons.

The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown really is a really great family movie. We all loved it, no matter your age, almost everyone loves the Flintstones, the WWE or both. And even if you were not a fan before, this adorable movie will probably make you a fan. We have already watched this movie as a family 3 times, and my son has watched it alone probably (additional) 6 times.

If you are looking for old meets new, family-friendly entertainment, look no further. Get your Bedrock on and check out The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown. You won't be sorry. You can buy it at WWE Shop or almost anywhere DVDs are sold. Yabba-Dabba do it now!

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