Sunday, July 26, 2015

June Starbox Review

I am so excited to once again be reviewing for Starbox. If you have been following for awhile, you should remember that I reviewed Starbox every month for over a year. Starbox has always been my favorite monthly subscription service, due to their high quality and full sized products.

The Starbox I had reviewed in the past is no more, however, and now the time of Custom Starbox is upon us. Custom Starbox  is every bit as good, in fact it is better, than the former Starbox, which was already amazing.

What makes Custom Starbox so great? Well the price is lower now. It is only $12 and that includes shipping. Obviously, it is customizable, so you can select items you can be sure you will get use out of. No more worrying about getting a "bad box". Now in addition to makeup, you also get gift cards, so you can get a good deal or even free items on other things in addition to your cosmetics.

Many of the cosmetics for the custom Starbox are "perfect size" items, meaning they are smaller, travel sized items(not samples by any means though). However, there are full sized choices sometimes, like this month for example. Since you can choose, you are sure to get the best value. I mentioned gift cards also being included, and you even get to choose those. All in all, you select 3 cosmetic items AND 3 gift cards ever month for $12 shipped, that is a great deal!

This is my first month trying Custom Starbox  and I already love it. My June box is fantastic, and I more than got my money's worth.

I am obsessed with lip gloss, especially Starlooks lip gloss, so while there were also a lip liner and mascara to choose from, I went with the two lip glosses and the full sized Infinity Eye Liner.

I have always loved Starlooks Infinity Eye Liner, and I already have one of their pencil eye liners in a gold color, and I love how it accents my eyes, so I just had to have this full-sized beauty in the lovely gold color(called Wyld) that was offered. It is just as stunning in person as I had hoped it would be.

This liner alone would cost $16 from Starlooks, so already I got my money's worth and then some. Even if that was the only thing on the box, it is still a good deal, but there was so much more. I also got the two stunning "Perfect Size" lip glosses. Starlooks lip gloss is wonderful, it is richly pigmented for a wonderful color, the glass and shine is impeccable, and it is moist and long lasting, and never sticky. I chose both shades, and both are gorgeous.

This is the shade "Let's Make Out", and it is my favorite of the two. It is light and shimmery with the perfect pink tone. It is so shiny and just makes me feel great. It is not too dark, so while it is whimsical with the shimmer and light tint, I can wear it with other makeup, but also without and not worry it will look out of place. If I wear darker gloss with no other makeup, it looks odd and I feel silly, which is the opposite of why I wear it.

This shade is "Guilty Pleasure". It is a darker, more opaque shade, but it is still a very lovely pink color with a bit of shimmer and a great shine. I love this for when I wear full makeup and want a fuller lip color as for my lips to not be overpowered, but I still want a lighter/brighter color. I  love my pink lips, so I don't want to wear other colors just so my lips get attention, this gloss is the perfect balance of bold and sweet.

The "Perfect Size" lip glosses are $9 each at Along with the Infinity Liner, that brings the total value of the cosmetics in this box to $34, which is an incredible value already. On top of that, there are still three gift cards.

As I mentioned, this was my first custom box, so I will admit, that I was not sure which gift cards to choose, as there were a lot of choices. I kind of rushed through and ended up with an Onyx XOXO gift card, Nomad Tribe gift card and, of course, a $20 Starlooks gift card.

I did not really find a use for the first two cards, and I may not have made the best choice(for myself) in those, but the Starlooks gift card is an amazing addition. I was able to get two addition products from Starlooks with free shipping with the gift card. I paid nothing out of pocket.

I got another "Perfect Size" Lip Gloss, in Cuddle, and I got MD Hair Modifying Dust, which I have been wanting to try for a long time.

So after everything, without even using two of the gift cards(yet), I ended up with two full sized products and 3 "perfect Size" products, that are very generous, all for $12 including shipping. For a $53.50 total value(not even counting the other gift cards), I think that is a deal worth celebrating. I am so excited for July's Starbox and cannot wait to see what is in store in the upcoming months. It is like a holiday in my mailbox every month, and I love it.

If you are not yet a Starbox subscriber(even if you have been in the past), you must check out the new Custom Starbox . You will not find a value like this with any other subscriptions, especially not one you can customize. What are you waiting for? If you are wishing you have these products right now, I suggest you subscribe before I make you jealous again with my next Starbox review. You could be celebrating with me or kicking yourself, the choice is yours.

*I received this box at no cost to facilitate an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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