Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WWE is Taking Over Tuesday Nights!

I am so excited to announce that WWE has officially claimed Tuesday nights. WWE had already claimed my Monday nights with Raw and my Thursday nights with Smackdown. And my Wednesday nights are covered, thanks to NXT on WWE Network. Now Tuesday finally joins the pack.

It all started on June 23 when Tough Enough made its return to USA at 8pm EST. June 23 also happens to be my birthday, and the Tough Enough premiere was a gift in itself. The competitors are great, and I love the coaches. The drama, drive and passion are all excellent, which makes for great TV. I fell in love immediately and knew this show would be something special.

I have been watching Tough Enough each week, and it just keeps getting better, but last night was even more fun, with the return of Total Divas on E at 9pm EST(immediately following Tough Enough on USA). So not only did I get my fill of drama on Tough Enough, it was doubled and then some thanks to Total Divas.

The new Tuesday lineup is shaping up to rival Monday, Wednesday and Thursday now. One can never have too much WWE in their life. I can't wait for next week, but last night was so awesome, I am still buzzing. So much excitement.

First, on Tough Enough, Dianna quit the competition! She was missing her fiance and the other competitors did not much care for her, so I assume she felt overwhelmed, but she was actually performing well in the challenges, better than pretty much every other female competitor.

There was the usual tension between the competitors, especially between Daria and Gabi. The men were also getting heated. A fight actually broke out between Tanner and Patrick, who are the two front runners of the competition in my mind. While it was quickly broken up before it could actually get serious, the tension is clearly still there. On a side not,I would  tussle with Tanner any day.

I actually think at this point, Tanner has the most potential out of everyone, and I think he could win. I hope that he does, he is my favorite. I think he would make a great superstar, not just athletically, which is an area he does excel, but also with his personality, which is way more important in a superstar than many might think.

Although he was once again criticized by the coaches and judges(at first) this week, ZZ is still one of my favorites. Athletically, he could use some work, but his personality is so big that he is definitely a star. He was put in the bottom again, but on his plea(and on the Touogh Talk aftershow), the judges understood what ZZ was trying to do. In the fan vote it was clear that the viewers already knew where ZZ's heart was, because he was overwhelmingly saved, receiving over half of the votes(there were 3 choices).

Along with ZZ in the bottom 3 was Daria and, for a second straight week, Sara Lee. The fans seem to love Sara Lee as well, while I do feel she lacks personality or any specific physical advantage. In the end, Daria was sent home and Sara Lee and ZZ live to fight another week.

As if the show was not entertaining enough, immediately following Tough Enough on WWE is Tough Talk on WWE Network, which is hosted by The Miz. I love The Miz. He is a great talker, and very witty, which he does not always get credit for. It definitely shows on tough talk, and other fans have noticed. The WWE universe's tweets scroll across the screen for the duration of the show(30 minutes) and he is getting so much praise, which I love.

The only problem is that Tough Talk and Total Divas air at the same time, but with WWE Network, you can watch on demand at any time, so I watched it after Total Divas. It was worth the wait. The fighting and the Miz calling people out was great. ZZ graciously informed us that his boobs are in fact real, when a couple ladies were discussing(arguing) their own anatomy. Tough Talk alone is enough reason to get WWE Network, it is hilarious. WWE even puts Tough Talk on Youtube for those who are still in the stone age and don't have WWE network, so you have no excuse not to watch it.

On to Total Divas. There is always drama on this show, but this week it was in overdrive. Lying, gossip, jealousy, lack of respect, and that was all in just one event. How about Nattie and a hearing impaired dominatrix forcing TJ to get so angry he left his home? Yeah, that actually happened.

Total Divas may not be the best show for children, but if it is entertainment you crave, it is absolutely the show for you. Not only that, but the Divas are beautiful and their style is fabulous, I envy their clothes and accessories on a weekly basis.

Naomi is back this season, which I love as she is probably my favorite to watch on Total Divas, and along with her comes her husband Jimmy Uso, who is adorable. He adds so much to the show. The fact that Naomi and Jon(Jimmy Uso) actually accompanied Nattie to a sex shop (yeah, that happened too) was so funny.

It is also incredibly fun playing "spot the superstar" as my friends and I do. We love finding our favorites in the background of the show or just finding a very random superstar in a frame. We often have to re-watch the episode to do that though, as we are too wrapped up in the conflict to notice the background sometimes.

To summarize, I just wanted to let you all know that my Tuesdays have been taken over and that I couldn't be happier about that. I have affectionately invented the title TTTuesday. If you want some excitement in your Tuesdays, you have to check out Tough Enough, Tough Talk and Total Divas.

*Although I am a #WWEMom and will be compensated for this post, all opinions are 100% my own. *

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