Monday, August 17, 2015

Build & Imagine Review

I am always looking for ways for my kids to be entertained and build imagination and concentration at the same time. With my son being autistic and my daughter being at risk with concerns of her social development, imaginative play is the biggest struggle in our home. I will do Anything I can to help them learn to imagine and create their own ideas.

Discovering Build & Imagine has been a a huge help. In general, building, creativity, and experimentation focused toys that are themed for girls are much harder to find. Build & Imagine is dedicated to making those types of toys especially for girls. I got the Malia’s Beach House playset for my daughter.

This playset has so many ways to create and play. It offers so many ways to imagine. The StoryWall Building Panels are double sided. They are made of wood and magnets, with a plastic frame to keep the magnets encased. They can be combined in almost any way to create a house in many different shapes and sizes. It is open ended, so my daughter can create anything she wants. There is no "right way" to build with this set. Less limits means more imagination

The set comes with two magnetic dolls (Malia and Skyler), 16 StoryWall Panels and over 40 magnetic accessories. The accessories are things like clothes, shoes, purses, drinks, pets and more. Every accessory magnet can attach to the dolls or to any of the building panels, so there are tons of ways to personalize the play.

I knew that my daughter would love this playset, I loved the concept as soon as I saw it, and it truly is very fun. I have played along with my daughter and was actually very engaged(aside form just spending time with her). She plays with it every day.

She loves making different shapes(layouts) for the house. She probably redesigns it at least 3 times before she moved on to the actually playing dolls part. She really loves the magnet accessories for the dolls. She especially loves to dress them up. She, herself, is a fashionista (in her own mind at least), she loves clothes and her dolls are always in style.

I just love how much this set helps her with focus, problem solving, creative thinking, spacial reasoning, and even social interaction and language skills(when having the dolls interact). The best part is, to her, it is only a toy and she is just playing and having fun.

This Build & Imagine Playset even helps build her confidence. She is always so proud when she makes a new design. She always calls for or comes to get one or all of us to show off her creation. I love seeing her so happy, especially about free thinking and creativity. This will help her grow so much.

While these are designed to be more fun for girls as an alternative to the mostly male or neutral focused construction type toys, obviously, they are for anyone who wants them. My son has played with this set several times, and he loves it too.

He is not interested in the dolls as much, but he loves building with the StoryWalls. He likes to proclaim that he will be an architect when he grows up. Of course he may wish to be 100 more things before he truly decides, it is so nice to see him that passionate about something.

This Build & Imagine playset is so unique and fun and beneficial. I am so glad I was able to introduce my kids to something that can really help shape their development in such an entertaining way. A bonus is that everything is very durable and will last a long time. And if a piece does happen to get lost, everything else will function just as well. Some construction/building sets are ruined with just one missing piece.

If you are looking for some hands on fun that promotes creativity, problem solving, social development and so much more, Build & Imagine has you covered. I really think every little girl should have a set like this.

*I received this set at no cost to facilitate my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. I am so glad to hear our sets are inspiring them to build and engage in imaginative play! Thank you for sharing your story.

    Founder & Inventor Laurie Peterson