Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Starbox Review

If you have been paying attention you should have already seen my review for June's Custom Starbox. I you did, you should have signed up for Starbox right then, because it is fabulous. If you are a subscriber, you already know how awesome July's Starbox is, especially since you got to choose what went in it.

If you haven't subscribed to Custom Starbox yet, you are about to be very, very jealous. July's box was amazing, and the value is phenomenal, as always. Even though it's custom now, and I get to pick what I get(so I know what is coming) I am still like a kid at Christmas when my Starbox arrives.

This box is so awesome. I got to choose three "Perfect Size" cosmetic items. "Perfect Size" items are about 3/4 the size fo full size, so there is still plenty of product and it is a fabulous value. For July, I chose a fabulous lip gloss, blush and liquid highlighter.

Perfect Size Lip Gloss in "Mad Crush". Have I mentioned I am a lip gloss addict? Oh, only about 1000 times? Well, I'll say it again. I am a lip gloss addict. I especially love Starlooks lip glosses. Their colors are all gorgeous, like this fabulous "Mad Crush" share, which is a lovely opaque pink color with a luscious shine. It is so flirty, I love it.

Perfect Size Skin Perfecting Blush in "Rose Gold". This is a limited edition blush, and it is stunning. I love the skin-perfecting aspect. This blush really is the total package. It is an all-in-one powder. It can be used as a bronzer, highlighter and blush. It has just the right amount of shimmer and gives skin a healthy glow. It wears without caking or transfecting, and it feels amazing.

Perfect Size Liquid Illuminator in "High Life". This is also a limited edition, so I am really glad that I was able to get it as part of my Custom Starbox, because I am so in love with this stuff. I am not the best at contouring, but this creme makes it so easy. It is perfect for cheek bones, brown bones and more. I loe to use it around my eyes to combat the dreaded dark circles that come with being a mother. I even used it on my color bone area, and it looked so good.

But that is not all I got with this amazing box. I also got to choose 3 gift cards. I chose a $20 Starlooks gift card a $20 Scheana Marie by Starlooks gift card and a $25 Onyx XoXo gift card.

With the Scheana Marie by Starlooks gift card I got a fabulous Lip Gloss in "Afternoon Delight". The lip gloss was only $15 and shipping is free, so I did not spend anything out of pocket. There were lots of other things I could have gotten free, but many had already sold out and I am a lip gloss addict if you didn't know.

With the Starlooks gift card I got an amazing Ipsy Offer Featured Eye Set. The set includes 5 shimmery, neutral and golden shadows & 1 highly pigmented luster gold toned eye liner pencil. It is a $54 value, but since it is a special set it only cost $27, so after my gift card I only paid $7 for a full sized eyeliner and 5 amazing full size shadows. The colors are all stunning. These are exactly the colors I always look for, so the $7 out of pocket was nothing.

Custom Starbox costs $12 and shipping is included. The cosmetic items alone in this box retail at $25, so it is already over a 50% savings, but I also purchased a $15 lip gloss and saved $20 on the Eye Set(which is worth $54), so I got $67 worth($94 actual value since the eye set was such a deal) for a total cost of $19(because of the $7 on the gift card purchase). I think that is an incredible deal. That is not even counting the $25 Onyx XoXo gift card that I have not spent yet.

If you can't see that Custom Starbox is one of the best subscriptions to ever exist I really do feel sorry for your reasoning skills. The products are incredible quality and the colors are gorgeous. Even if there is something on Starlooks you want that you don't expect to receive in a Starbox, subscribe anyway, because by paying $12 for a Starbox, you can get a $20 Starlooks gift card. SO if the item you want is $20, you are saving $8 AND getting all the goodies in the Starbox. It's a no brainer.

*I am a Starlooks Addict. I receive Starbox at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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