Sunday, October 11, 2015

Be a Potty Training Super Hero with Kandoo

Anyone who has ever tried potty training know that it is not a walk in the park. It can be stressful for parents and for children, especially when they feel it is a chore and they feel pressured. Everything is easier to do when you are motivated and feel rewarded for your efforts. That is why it is important to make potty training fun.

The first time I tried to potty train my daughter. I didn't make it fun, not like I should have. I offered rewards for her if she did it, but I know I put too much pressure on her and made it seem like I was forcing her. That did not work at all. She would cry whenever I tried to get her on the potty. I had to take a step back.

The second time around  decided to be way more laid back. I wanted her to want to use the potty and to feel rewarded for every little accomplishment. That worked much better. She loves rewards, but I realized it could not only be for after she used the potty as a bribe, I had to make using the potty fun for her in general.

My daughter gets excited for new things. Anything new seems to make her happy, even things like new training pants or a new detangling spray. So I knew she would love getting new Kandoo potty training products that were just for her.

Kandoo kindly provided me with a fabulous potty training kit that included coloring sheets, achievement charts with stickers, temporary tattoos, a t-shirt, a super cute cape and Kandoo Flushable Cleansing Wipes and Kandoo hand soap with BRIGHTFOAM® colors.

These products are great. not only are the new and especially for her, they are designed for kids. They have cute packaging and are easy for her to use. Plus, who wouldn't love colored foam soap that smells like melon? She was over the moon with these products. And so am I.

While it is important to me that my daughter like these, it is especially important to me that they actually work. I love that Kandoo Flushable Cleansing Wipes clean up to 30% better than toilet paper. The colorful Kandoo Hand Soap with BRIGHTFOAM® colors lets her (and me) know when her hands are covered in soap for a complete cleaning experience.

She really loved the shirt(although she is almost too big for it) and the cape. She put them on immediately and insisted I take her picture. She is a little diva and these items sure brought it out. I loved every minute of it though, because it got her excited, which was the whole plan.

I told her she was now a super potty hero and that her mission was to use the potty like all other super heroes do. She seems to resonate well with that. She is definitely excited now. She loves marking down her accomplishments on the charts and her cape almost never leaves her side. Kandoo really is super.

I really have had success with the all of the great resources that Kandoo has made available. You can download their Potty Training Toolkit. I am having great success with their Best potty Training Songs for Toddlers. You can even get a coupon to save on Kandoo. Kandoo really is a great sidekick to any potty training hero.

Kandoo can be your potty training sidekick too. In addition to all the amazing resources I mentioned, Kandoo has been kind enough to offer one of these amazing Potty Training Kits to eight (8) very lucky winner. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Good luck.

*Although I received this kit at no cost to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. Consistency is the key to potty training!

  2. The best thing that worked for my girls is putting them in undies. Pull ups at night and undies during the day. They'd have accidents in their undies but they would learn very quick how they hated it..and soon they were potty trained!

  3. Our trick was to let her discover it herself :) Not push her!

  4. We haven't started yet so I am learning from you all but we are planning on giving her stickers every time she goes as an incentive

  5. We are beginning to potty train at our house :) Thanks for this great post!

  6. My son is young for it, but he's already trying to use the toilet, but he's still way too small to get up there, or sit even if he could. Still, it's really great that he's trying.

  7. My son is young for it, but he's already trying to use the toilet, but he's still way too small to get up there, or sit even if he could. Still, it's really great that he's trying.

  8. be happy and reward the small things in potty training.

  9. I'm ready to start potty training my little one!