Thursday, October 15, 2015

Starlooks Looksbook Box Review - Revival

If you have been following for while, I am sure you have already seen how my love affair with Starbox. That is something that has been going on for years now. However last month it was taken to another level when I was introduced to Looksbook by Starlooks.

Looksbook is not just a subscription box, it is a lifestyle. Looksbook is a complete look that comes in perfect sizes and in a custom designed little box that keeps everything together and secure in a compact case that fits perfectly in your purse.

This month the Looksbook is called Revival. It contained a Perfect Size Eye Shadow Duo, Mascara and Lipstick. They are all matched by Starlooks to create a signature look.

The look begins with the Agave Eye Shadow Duo. These are earthy shades of red and green. I really like that these are a more matte and in colorful yet nuetral tones. These are nothing like the shimmery chocolate browns and gold tones I usually choose for my eye shadow. I like being "pushed" to try new things. It helps me expand my possibilities.

Step two in the Revival look is the Flora Spectrum Mascara. This is a blueish color. It is not overly bright or dark.It is very unique. I have not seen a mascara close to this shade before. I almost exclusively use black mascara, so I was excited to mix it up with this one. I love it.

Finally, the finishing touch on this fabulous look is lipstick in Rawr. It is a very bold, bright pink color. It is a matte shade, which fits perfect with the other items in this collection. It is very opaque. It is smooth, but not creamy, it feels almost powdery(in a good way) on the lips. Such a daring shade.

None of these shades are ones that I would normally choose for myself and I would never think to combine them in this way. I love that Starlooks creates such unique looks for me with the Looksbook Box, because they know much more about beauty and cosmetics than I do, and I love having expert style advice. They even give specific tips in the Looksbook.

The tips are great. I wish I was better at applying makeup in general, but I love having the looks chosen and the tips laid out for me. It sure makes it more difficult for me to fail(not that I still won't). My completed look is not nearly as nice as these model photos, but with my skill level, I think it looks good, which is a credit to Starlooks for sure.

The Looksbook Box is a must have beauty toolkit. It is like getting a gift in the mail every month. It is exciting and expands your horizons and, best of all, it is only $12 a month, and shipping is free. You can't even get these perfect size products for $12, but you definitely would not get the specialty looks created for you, the perfect fit case for travel and the expert tips. This is amazing value. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now!
*Although I received Looksbook at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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