Friday, August 18, 2017

5 Tips to rocking the latest hair trends in 2017

Every woman knows just how important a good hairstyle is. Sometimes, a well thought out outfit becomes a fashion fail because of the wrong hair. That’s why many women are not afraid to shell out the big bucks just to some special pampering and treatment at a salon.

There are many hair trends that have emerged in 2017, and if you decide to try out one of them, check out some tips on how to rock that new hairstyle of yours.

1.   Be confident – first of all, if you’ve chosen to sport a hairstyle that is very different from your usual one, just be confident about it. A little confidence goes along way. When you feel better about yourself, you’ll definitely have that glow that people will notice. Don’t think about whether the style will really fit you or not. If that’s what you want for  your new hair, just be bold enough to do it and not think about what others might think.

2.  Ask your stylist for tips – when going to the salon, most women spend their time overusing through magazines or checking stuff on their cell phone. On your next salon trip, it would actually be a good idea to see what your stylist does to your hair. You can check out what products were used and just how that particular cut you want will be achieved. Take the time to talk to your stylist and ask for tips on how to maintain your hair.

3.  Choose a hairstyle that jives with your lifestyle – when choosing from the many hairstyles available that you want to try, consider just how it will fit with your lifestyle. If you’re a very busy person and you know that you just cannot spare 30 minutes every morning curling your hair or applying products, you might want to choose the kind of hairstyle that would not require a lot of upkeep. Go through the latest hair trends and find one that would not only look good on you, but one that you would not have a hard time doing at home.

4.  Use the appropriate hair products – it’s important that you are using the right product for your hair. If you’re trying to achieve a platinum blonde look, your hair will definitely need bleach a toner, and you need a good shampoo to keep your hair healthy after all the products applied to  it. There are specific products that can address problems such as dry, frizzy hair so you can ask your salon for whatever products they might be selling.

5. Jazz it up with cool accessories – try to look for accessories that would look perfect for your specific hairstyle. It can be a cute headband or a studded clip that will just enhance your whole look. You can choose the accessory based on the event you’re going to. Whether it’s a date at the amusement park or attending the wedding of a friend, there will surely be a perfect accessory for your chosen hairstyle.

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