Sunday, September 17, 2017

CUJO Smart Firewall at Best Buy

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I love being up to date on new tech gadgets. I am all for bigger, better, faster, flashier. It's easy to get caught up on the glamour of new gadgets. So much so that it can be hard to stop and think about safety. I'll admit, I never gave it a second though.

When I got the CUJO Smart Firewall from Best Buy, I was excited, but not so sure how useful I would find it. After all, it doesn't stream movies are have a 16mp camera. In fact, most of what it does is pretty unnoticeable - unless it doesn't do it.

The CUJO Smart Firewall protects you from hacks, not just to your PCs, but phones, tablets and even TVs, baby monitors and many more less conspicuous threats. If you've never had one of these hacked before, it would be easy enough to take the CUJO Smart Firewall for granted, since the protection you're getting will seem like nothing new, but it is. It's business-level security made accessible to anyone.

Of course, the CUJO Smart Firewall does much more than just protect you from hacking. It can protect your family from the inside as well, with its parental controls. The parental controls can be set up for all devices. Since my kids use the TV and the computer as well as multiple tablets, that is a very nice feature for us.

In addition to parental controls, CUJO can monitor social media and filter internet. You can also set time limits and even pause the internet. You can also set up multiple user profiles. You can get alerts and reporting and even control CUJO remotely from your smartphone.

The CUJO Smart Firewall is incredibly easy to set up. It's basically just plug and go. It connects to your router and then can be controlled via app. Even my 10 year old could do it. That is great for me because as much as I love technology, I am not very advanced when it comes to setting things up, programming, and the like.

Probably the most important feature to be is that the CUJO Smart Firewall does not take a subscription. The device is pretty meaningless if you need to pay monthly (or yearly, etc) to access the features. I love that this is a one time purchase. Buy, install, manage - that's it.

Do you worry about your family's internet safety? Have you ever considered taking steps to make your home more secure? Did you know about the CUJO Smart Firewall before? Now that you do know about it, do you plan to get one? Will you buy from Best Buy or somewhere else? I would love to discuss with you all in the comments.

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