Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Card That Cares - SingleCare

Nowadays with healthcare you barely get the health, let alone the care. I'm not talking about the actual doctors and nurses, they are usually great. But the system, as a whole is not set up to make sure the sick are cared for; it is set up to make money.

And when the "little" people cannot afford the care, they usually just go without. I know I do. I don't have insurance. The options I have cost too much for the coverage they provide, since they all still have a fairly large deductible.

Instead, we try to save the money we would have spent on a healthcare plan an have it ready should one of us need care. So far, we've been able to pay for the services for care with the money we saved not having a plan. Unless something major comes up, this seems like it will work well for us.

The biggest benefit of insurance, in my opinion, for families like us, who do not have many major medical issues, is the prescription coverage. Prescriptions can be extremely costly. Thankfully, we have been able to get the ones we've needed pretty affordably at Walmart or Publix.

They key is to call around to price each one before just filling them at the same place each time. Like Publix even offers some antibiotics for free! But when hubby had a painkiller prescribed after surgery (work injury, Workman's Comp covered the surgery, thankfully), it was about $70 cheaper to fill them at Walmart.

Another great way to save on prescriptions is with a savings care, like SingleCare. In addition to the great savings the discount card provides, SingleCare also offers coupons sometimes, like the Epiduo Savings Card. With the card, you can save $5 on Epiduo at Walmart or Walgreens on top of the up to 80% savings.

There is even a pay over time option, which is extremely helpful for those who may not have money put back for health expenses. The payments are very affordable, too. And they are 0% interest, which is fantastic, so you don't get in debt on just interest. Some people don't realize how much interest can really cost, depending on the initial loan amount, the amount of interest and the length to pay it off (like just paying the minimum) interest can end up being 5x the amount of the loan or more. It's crazy.

I am so glad I don't have to worry about that. SingleCare is a great help. I like the freedom to not be stuck on a healthcare plan that's not right for us. Do you think a discount care like SingleCare is right for you? Why or why not? Lets discuss in the comments.

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